6 comments on “Sweden: Group of Muslim Male Immigrants Gang-Rape Young Swedish Woman Sentenced to 6 Months Detention

  1. not for nothing is Sweden called the rape Capitol of Europe & possible the world… Sick savage bastards , with no respect for women or girls in general… but then they are taught this from the cradle and their animosity just gets more barbaric & savage as the years go by. And as fore the sentencing… well its a Progressive (sick ) society…that Sweden has become!!


  2. The Swedish government has abandoned it’s own people with the sentencing the Muslims received. They should have received multi-year sentences WITH chemical or physical castration but the hand of Justice trembles in Sweden…


    • re: WatrGrrl;

      Hi Carrie. 🙂 You read my mind…

      I was just thinking earlier how women and young girls are being ‘re-violated’ by their own (Lack of)Judicial Systems, their own governments and their own bureaucrats.

      We would expect to see ‘our women and girls’ receive no justice in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, etc.

      But Sweden?

      I hope these Swedish officials are proud of themselves for sacrificing their own daughters at the alter of Islamic Appeasement and Placation.

      I promise you that these little girls will one day receive their justice.

      By ANY MEANS necessary.

      Shalom and love to you…

      – Jaedon



  3. !!! – This Sexual assault by these North African “Newest” Immigrant ‘Rabid’ Beast Bastards, is just a ‘mild’ forerunner of what is yet to come! Sweden has opted to ‘infest’ its Nation and Citizens with the ‘lowest’ form of Humanity on our Planet! It is fondly “hoped” Swedish Women, Girls and Children, will ultimately ‘Realize’ their Country, Government, Bureaucracy have ALL abandoned them! Further ‘hope’ is they will collectively “retaliate” by revolting against ‘every’ Swedish Male in a manner that will ‘match’ the insensate brutality of their rapist attackers!”


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