8 comments on “Germany: Muslim Immigrants Brutally Gang-Rape a 19-Year-old Girl in Germany’s 4th Immigrant Gang-Rape This Month

  1. !!! – “Retribution against these Rapacious violators of human personal dignity and security of Person, need not be necessarily lethal! In the Animal Husbandry industry, – “Special” emasculation ‘Clamps’ are used to bloodlessly perform a ‘Neutering’ operation! These devices operate in the ‘same’ fashion as ‘Bolt’ Cutters, except the Jaws of the device encompass entire ‘Scrotum’ and Gonads, and ‘clamp’ the Scrotum and enclosed Gonads with ‘High’ clamping pressure, sufficient to ‘permanently’ fuse the cords connecting the Gonads to the body! In seven to ten days, – the Scrotum and contents, blackens, withers, eventually detaching from the body! Highly recommended to ‘Treat’ uncontrolled lustful urges and discourage Rapists ‘very’ effectively! Undocumented ‘cases’ exist where Rapists themselves, ‘Survived’ to voluntarily verify the operation and procedure is highly successful!”


  2. Let’s stop this now, when the police fail the people must act, It’s not being a vigilante, it’s self preservation and the only way,


    • The EU leaders , especially, that woman leader have completely failed to protect their country and are still stick to the propaganda of migrant assimilation. But the major thing they ‘ve forgotten is about Christ. The people will pay the price for forgetting Christ by letting anti Christ people in as migrants . You will see more day after day, and eat the fruit day after day. I think EU lived by God of their fathers, and now the children forgot Him and legalised gay marriage. Now the devil covered their eyes and made them welcome anti Christ people in the name of refugees or migrants. EU leaders eyes are closed, and some people’s eyes are closed too.


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