7 comments on “Vladimir Putin: The Truth About ISIS (MUST SEE VIDEO)

  1. Well…I just have to say it… I TOLD ALL YOU IDIOT SHEEPLE!

    Thank you Mr. Putin! I now have it from your mouth on video! I’ve been telling people this on other blogs for months now and have been called stupid, insane, and worse names! I know it’s hard for the American people to actually hear this and comprehend it! They tend to believe the old Cold war Propaganda that seems to have raised it’s ugly little head once again since Putin has been helping out Assad with Syrian civil war, started by Saudi’s and the USA.

    You can count on me for spreading this far and wide!! 🙂

    I do hope though that no trace of an USA signature is on the Russian planes that were downed in Egypt and Sudan! If there is…..Putin could give the USA a little taste of Karma. Just remember what happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki…..


  2. the US, Russians, Europeans, Japanese, Chinese and the rest of the world should come together land half a millions troops in norther Irak and Syria, arm Syria, and wipe out ISIS altogether. This should also include the muslims countries. Date: Sun, 8 Nov 2015 17:05:22 +0000 To: marthitaestrella@hotmail.com


    • Martha…..

      We wouldn’t want the USA involved….they are the ones along with the Saudi’s that started this whole mess in the ME. The USA government can’t be trusted to do what is right. They outright lie and only care about their own backsides!

      Let me explain….. the Saudi’s wanted Libya, Egypt and Syria to wage war on Israel. Each of the leaders of those countries said “NO! Been there, done that and lost every time…not doing it again for you. You want to get rid of Israel, send your own men in to fight with Israel!”

      So….the House of Saud decided that they needed to get rid of these leaders and set up new ones…..they decided that since Obama had been well paid to do their dirty work in America and also that America was able to send in people to cause chaos and mayhem…..Obama would be the one to do this!

      Hence …the Arab Spring was born! Libya’s Qaddafhi went down…..Egypt’s Murabak went down and now, they have been working on Assad going down.

      Assad though has another target on his back…..he’s also hiding the two “True” Arab Princes! Saudi Arabian Princes are posers! They are not the true descendants of Arab royalty. They are self proclaimed royalty.

      Thank goodness for Putin being so wise! Without him the Saudi’s would have an easier time in getting rid of Assad and causing all sorts of death and mayhem!

      May Saudi Arabia and their USA puppet get a taste of their own Karma soon!


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  4. So who thought that anyone in Washington D.C. was an angel? They worship the devil & that’s where they will end up! I’d certainly believe Putin before I believed BO!


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