4 comments on “ISIS Beheads Russian FSB Agent (Video)

  1. Total ISIS BS! FSB is not the Russian Intelligence Agency but it is more like a National police Agency…like the RCMP in Canada.

    Got news for ISIS….. Putin isn’t scared of you, the Russian people are not scared of you. You will be the ones slaughtered if you dare go to Russia and even try to hurt a hair on any Russian head. Russians are all armed, ready and waiting. You can get in but you will never get out alive…..


    • re: Blessed B.;

      Hello Darling…

      You are damn right Pres. Putin and the Russian people are NOT afraid of the Muslim scum.

      To the contrary, they are one of the few whom have the courage to confront it!

      Hope you and your lovely family have a Blessed Christmas…


      – jsm

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