10 comments on “Massachusetts,US: Judge Sentences Christian Pastor Who Allegedly Spoke Out Against Islam to ‘..Two Years in Prison (or) to Study Islam..’

      • You’re right,,, and I really screwed up, big time. I’ll be more cautious and careful in the future.
        (I had not fully watched the video before I made my comment. My Bad.)


      • re: grouchyfogie2;

        Oh trust me.. we have ALL made similar mistakes. Your true character is reflected in your ability to admit it.

        If you would like, I’ll simply delete your ‘original’ comment and all subsequent replies between us, including this one.

        This way, your mistake will be our little secret.

        So long as “I” am allowed to delete my future mistakes as well.


        Shalom and love always…



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  2. The judge that rendered that decision should be immediately removed from the bench and disbarred from practicing law for effectively disregarding the spirit of American jurisprudence and the laws of the Constitution of the United States in his decision. Despite the history that the pastor has with the defendant, her tenant, there is no valid excuse for a judge to be sentencing an ordained minister to study Islam. Just as their is no excuse for sentencing the pastor for things she was not even charged with – but apparently exist in the judge’s confused sensorium… All charges and findings against the pastor should be immediately vacated, the judge removed from the bench, disbarred and forced to issue an apology to the pastor. This was a true miscarriage of justice and must not be allowed to stand regardless of the Aministration’s bias.


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