22 comments on “Justin Trudeau Pledges to Bring 25,000 Muslim Terrorists Into Ottawa Canada Within the Next 90 Days

    • Unfortunately my Canadian Friend, we became a multi-cultural country during Turd-boy’s father’s reign……Sikhs are part of the Canadian landscape whether we like it or not.

      As long as they follow Canadian Laws and live peacefully within our country and do not try changing it to the hell-hole countries they crawled out of ……I’m okay with it.

      Canada has brought in many other cultures that don’t necessarily wear the same clothing or “head gear” as you state……such as the Doukhobors in the 1800’s, the woman wore head covering ( shawls), the Hutterrites also who don’t wear Western clothing and the women wear Kerchiefs on their heads…….

      Our Defense Minister is a Liberal and that is the who the enemy is……plain and simple!


    • We’ll have to see just how many campaign promises he made will not come to pass and how much more Canadians will be giving out of pocket for things like food, gas, electricity….. If it really starts hurting the pocket book for those who voted for this idiot….perhaps he’ll be one and done!

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    • Gee…thanks Martha! So glad to know that Canada has friends like you!

      BTW……Canada still has a better vetting system than the USA……We aren’t even close to taking in as many as what Barry the Traitor is wanting to infiltrate America with. Talk about infecting a country!


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  2. Okay…so here’s the skinny on this! Just have to remember that anything that comes out of Justin turd-boy’s mouth is akin to what comes out of Barry the Traitor’s mouth!

    First off…..turd-boy thi8nks that if he says it…it will be made so! NOPE! Canada will be taking in refugees that have been fully vetted already under the Harper Government. Refugees will be vetted by CSIS and the refugees will be vetted outside of Canada before they arrive in Canada! This was legislation brought in by the Chretien ( Liberal) government.

    All the refugees Canada has allowed in so far have been sponsored by individuals or church groups. Those though are fast drying up due to the economics in Canada. Lots of people are feeling the pinch right now…especially in Alberta, and the Eastern Provinces. Oil prices are down and many who work in the oil patch are loosing their jobs thanks to the NDP government in that Province. Ontario isn’t doing well along with other Eastern Provinces due to liberal governments they have!

    There is a majority of Canadians that are for bringing in refugees…but they must be vetted properly! We don’t want them flooding into Canada without it! We don’t want the UN or anyone else doing the vetting…it must be done by our Canadian intelligence agency with the help of Israel’s intelligence agency and others….. as set out in Bill C-51 and the legislation we have already in place for 20 some odd years, concerning refugees!

    So……turd-boy can forget about rushing the refugee status on the 25,000 refugees and he can forget about having them in Canada within 90 days! It’s just not gonna happen! He better start worrying about putting in the legislation for his great campaign promise that many voted for and giving him the majority government he has…..the promise to legalize marijuana!

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    • re: Blessed B;

      Thank you darling for the ‘inside’ scoop…

      Now I have a question for you…

      How in the hell did this French Muslim get elected in Canada? I mean seriously..

      Did he truly defeat PM Harper? Canada “had” the second BEST leader in the world..

      and “now” they have the second WORST! (Next to his beige brother from a different mother) in the U.S.

      Obama and Trudeau are BOTH definitely ‘..cut from the same cloth..’

      Unfortunately, that cloth is from a ‘Thawb.’


      Shalom and love to you and your family…

      jsm @ sharia unveiled

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      • You’re very welcome! There is a lot of BS out on the internet about this and many uninformed people to what is really happening in Canada……thought I’d clear up some things.

        BTW……wanted to send you this but your email addy I have is not current one….here is another story for you and your readers…..


        The Liberal Government is blaming the Weather conditions on the slow down of the refugees being admitted….the truth of the matter is…..all the refugees must be vetted prior to being given the go-ahead to come which is not a quick process and sponsorship is down due to economics…… of course though the Liberals will never admit that they made an error when they grandly said that we would have 25,000 refugees admitted into Canada by the end of 2015!


      • re: Blessed B;

        Thank you darling…

        As competent as CSIS may be.. I still do not think Muslim refugees can be properly vetted.

        They are ALL liars and deceivers…period. Murderers and rapists..period.

        They are ALL spokes in the same wheel of evil.

        WHY in the hell would ANY country bring in the PERSECUTORS and leave behind the PERSECUTED???

        It’s ALL utter bullshit, lies and deception.

        Is tantamount to subterfuge..

        Love ya.

        – jaedon.


      • Jaedon….

        CSIS has the help of Israel’s Mossad and Russia’s intelligence agency…..Mossad folks can find out everything on a person. Who their family is associated with, what they have been up to for the past ten years….you name it they will find it out.

        Canada is bringing in families for the most part….. I haven’t heard of many single men being admitted as of yet. I don’t believe that we are discriminating between Syrian Christians or Syrian muslims….. we are processing any who fit the criteria for refugee status, even if Turd-boy only wants muslims coming in! There are probably many who have put in the forms to apply for refugee status…..but that doesn’t mean that ALL of those will be able to actually come to Canada! They must pass the vetting process first.

        I have to disagree with you on one thing….Not ALL muslims are liars and deceivers. Canada does have muslims who I believe are on the up and up….. Tarek Fatah and Raza Raheel come to mind, who are calling for islam ideology to change. I have never heard of muslim parents turning in their own children to the Authorities, in any other country other than Canada before. I have never heard of any muslim turning in fellow muslims to the authorities that they believe are planning an attack in any other country but Canada. There are many different sects of islam……not ALL are the same. Many in Canada are very grateful to be here and have assimilated for the most part to our culture.

        My concern is not so much with the refugees, as there are certain criteria to vet and admit them into Canada….. I’m concerned about the ones that are home grown. Those ones haven’t been vetted and are able to hide out amongst us easily….unless they are stupid enough to post ISIS crap to their FB page or other social media sites!

        The ones that are pouring into European countries…… those should be a big concern to those countries…..they haven’t had any screening at all done on them and many of them are ISIS terrorists waiting to do their attacks on the people.

        Turd-boy is going to have an up hill battle meeting his proposed quota….. he seems to think that if he says it is so that everyone will do his bidding. CSIS has already told him that they will follow the procedures and protocol as laid out by law and they will not be pushed into doing it differently unless the laws change. The longer this gets drawn out the better……

        Big hugs , Happy New Year friend!




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  4. These refugees will NEVER be accepted and will only cause more hate towards Muslims.Trudeau is fooling himself and lying to Canadians,we don’t want them and however you spin the facts .It is a fact that well over half the population will never accept this disease in our country and the government better understand one thing for sure any attempt to put some form of sharia law in Canada will be met with force and I mean with violent force,be warned trudeau


    • Kevin……

      Yes….these refugees will be accepted. Yes…Turd-boy is foolong himself and yes, he is lying to Canadians….. what we don’t want or will not accept are refugees that will be pushed through quickly without proper vetting, but since that is not going to be the case whether he likes it or not……then we have no choice but to accept it. WE accepted those under the Harper gov’t …..we will also accept those now.

      Sharia law in Canada has already been voted on once before in Canada…..all parties unanimously voted NO on that…..IF it is ever an issue once again….. I’m sure that there will be quite an outcry from the populace….not sure if violent force would be used, but there is always a first timer for it!

      Yep….turd-boy better watch himself…… Canadians can be very polite but we also can be pushed once too many times and then the sparks can fly!


  5. Just curious. While these refugees wait months to win the Lottery of settling in Canada, WHAT EXACTLY are they doing to survive, eat and find shelter where they are? And if they are breathing , why can’t they STAY where they are with financial aid from Canada to settle OVER THERE? The fact that they and about 7 BILLION people worldwide would love to come here does not give me any clue as to WHY any of the mysteriously-chosen refugees need to come here now.


    • re: Shawn Freeman Craig;

      You ask some very intellectual questions…

      I suspect you already know the answers.

      There is an article link below that you should read that was written by Victor Mordechai. (A high-level official in the Israeli government.) Take note of the date it was written: Tuesday, June 28, 2011 (Two years before the War in Syria started) and look how accurate it turned out to be…

      Obama’s Plan to Islamicize America: http://www.israeltoday.co.il/NewsItem/tabid/178/nid/22844/Default.aspx

      It’s ALL by design, my brother..

      PM Stephen Harper was a blessing to Canada. Israel, America and the world…

      and Justin Trudeau will be their curse.

      This I can promise you.

      Please keep in touch with us..


      jsm @ sharia unveiled


    • Canada is helping out with medical supplies, food and such….we don’t give financial aid anymore. That being said…..these people are living in tents and using porta-potties. Do you really think you could handle camping in the wild for many months without the comforts of your own home?

      The attitude that is displayed by those who think Canada shouldn’t be taking in any refugees at all is the same attitude that was displayed during WWII when the boatload of Jews was turned away from Canadian shore. That turned out so well for the Jews as they were sent back to Germany to be gassed in Hitler’s death camps.

      BTW…they aren’t ‘mysteriously chosen’….. They submit a request to come here to Canada. They are vetted by CSIS agents in Damascus who are looking through Syrian government records for Birth certificates and Passports. Most of the refugees that Canada has taken in are Christians and Jews, Kurds, Yazidi and a few of the other minority Islamic sects of Syria. Most already have jobs waiting for them when they reach Canada and most do not require financial aid from the Canadian government.


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