7 comments on “The Murder of Farkhunda Malikzada (Video)

  1. It does not take very much for these fu**in ignorant diaper heads to be provoked by even more ignorant, illiterate, bigoted, and self proclaimed religious clerics to committ murder.

    I spent sometime in Afghanistan and in the course of eight years I witnessed how everything from the economy to security continued to deteriorate and spiral downward.

    After the fall of the Taliban, there was so much hope and so many opportunities to to reverse years of destitute, poverty, ignorance, and senseless deaths of innocent women and children. But not to be realised.

    Regrettably, when ignorance, superstition, and stupidity is rooted very deeply in every aspect of life and”culture”, if one can call it “culture”, for centuries, the daily modus operandi in every aspect of life becomes bigotry, corruption, rape and murder of innocent girls and women.

    The tragic comedy is that these “honourable” Muslims committ such heinous and vile acts to “Defend the Honour” of their prophet and “Dignity of Isslam” without realising that rape and murder of innocent girls and women is a reflection upon their faith, their prophet, and their God.

    The mistake that the US made and continues to make in dealing with Islamic countries and Muslims in general is that the West treats them with civility and accords them respect which these barbarian savages do not deserve and are not worthy of.

    Hopefully, the day will come when these ignorant and bigoted Mullahs will be hanged by their testicles from a flag pole and will have 72 angry pigs awaiting their arrival at the gates of hell.

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  2. May the Universal G-D of Creation give her Peace, Succor and Comfort. And may her death awaken a sleeping populace, no matter where they are situated.
    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: islam and muslim adherents are beings without Spiritual Souls.

    NO one deserves a death such as this. This is reminiscent of the murder of Umm Qirfa, a contemporary of mohammad.
    Note the article here: https://wikiislam.net/wiki/The_Story_of_Umm_Qirfa. And there are other references to her death, as well.

    It is for this reason, among others, that I hold that the islamist are soul-less beings. Note the atrocities that have recently come to light – Burnings and drowning in steel cages, amongst others.

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