10 comments on “16-Year-old German Girl Pleads for Help From the Onslaught of Muslim Immigration (BANNED by FACEBOOK)

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  3. Reading Bibi’s letter is heartbreaking and the women, and men, of Germany have my sympathy because their government is failing them. A government, any government’s FIRST duty is to protect it’s people and assure national security. Angela Merkel appears to be ignoring this, caught up as she is in the mistaken belief that Muslim men can behave in a civilized manner or that Muslm men will at all assimilate and follow the laws of their host nation. But this cannot happen with Islam and Muslims because Islam’s definition is “submit.” Muslims are invaders and this is a new form of warfare – inject hundreds of thousands of you ng men, primarily, impregnate multiple young women and in a generation, a nation is subjugated to the will of the Muslim invader through repopulation. Given how tough the German people were in WW-II, I am astounded that they are surrendering their nation without a whimper. I can understand it with a nation like France, but not Germany and not the Nordic nations…


  4. I can not believe that the dumb germans caused the deth of more than 6 million jews, six million

    poles, millions of more Europeans and now they are allowing this muslim plague to do what they

    are doing, let the muslim plague destroy Germany they deserve for being so stupid and allowing

    the plague to do what they are doing



  5. The answer is not that simple, they want to pit muslims vs. christians on purpose, for war, for petroleum profits. The Bilderberg Group met in Austria in 2015, they have decided on methods of how to bring about Poverty, Lowered IQ, Iron Fist Religion Rule to the world, not just Europe. Germany has long been involved in sponsoring, training & arming Hamas against Israel, an inexcusable act by the government but not a lone one, Sweden & Belgium are also in the by-proxy army of terrorists sponsors. The whole Western & Eastern countries have been fighting a tug of war with by-proxy armies since the 1970s.
    For what ? Exxon, Chevron, Conoco, BP, Shell petroleum profits in the Trillions.
    I do not sympathize those who put down their weapons for whatever illusion of safety they had.


    • re: Cyberat Rodent;

      You make some very interesting points, to say the least…

      I hope you keep in touch because I would really like to talk with you sometime.

      Are you on fb?


      jsm @ sharia unveiled


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  7. Yes, I’ve seen this on another site and find it deplorable! I just can’t comprehend how countries today can be so concerned about everyone but their own citizens!!


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