5 comments on “Raping Germany: The NEW Front line in Islam’s “War on Women”

  1. …/well most people think that the refugees are just coming for help, ha ha ha ha ha ….yes we the informed, have been laughing at you folks who have blind faith in your leaders…. what your are not told, and you cannot fathom is that,… they are coming with rage and vengence in their hearts for what your governments did to their wellbeing and livelihood…they are coming to change your for the rest your lives…..


  2. Give them (the German Women) Shillelaghs, skinning knives, and ammonia in pressurized spray canisters, to stave off the mozlem rape-jihadists, The only thing that will stop those who worship death, is death itself.


  3. let the muslim plague destroy Germany and all those countries that welcome them

    they deserve what they get for admitting the plague



    • Martha, there is a vast difference between a country’s leadership and the common people. The leadership is less than one tenth of one percent of a nation’s population. So, what you’re saying is to condemn an entire nation for the actions of a country’s leadership???
      I understand your reasoning, but it is abhorrent, nonetheless. Please note my comment above, should this comment be approved, and also realize that the PEOPLE have, in large measure, been disarmed by the very factions that were supposed to protect them. France, Germany, Sweden, Britain, Australia all have severe restrictions on the obtaining and usage of self-defense weaponry. And you are seeing the results on the alternate news channels on the internet. RARELY will this information be given over the MSM.
      Pray for those who are rebelling against this islamic invading army, for that is exactly what it is. Generation Identitaire in France is one group I know by name. Check them out on You Tube.
      Blessings, Martha. Please pray for the populace.


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