5 comments on “Police Arrest 2 Suspects in the Death of an Imam in Rochdale

  1. Spot on article. Good to see Imams being killed. The fight back against the Moslem invaders of our country has begun. I cannot share to Facebook because I am on a 7 day ban for posting this:-

    We all know that Muslims are brainwashed from an early age to hate the kuffar and their customs. Once indoctrinated into the deadly cult of Islam, there’s no going back through fear of death. The brainwashing technique starts with the parents teachings then later at any one of the 1,600+ mosques in our country. 1,600+. That’s a lot of hate centres. We non Muslims are continually amazed at how easy it is for Muslims to be brainwashed into robots for the most disgusting and deadly cult on this planet. They’ll do whatever they’re told to do for Islam, no matter how deadly or vile it may be. They’ve become willing servants of the devil. That’s where we Westerners differ from the Muslims. We are not brainwashed from an early age to conform to something that’s just plainly wrong. Or are we? Think about it. The Middle Class are brainwashed in universities into taking up the Marxist cause of the loathing of our country and race. For the last 20-30 years, the general British public have been ‘programmed’ also to hate our country, our race and our history. To be a white Brit is now something to be ashamed of. We’re racist or Islamophobic if we dare have an opinion, or protest about the multicultural hellhole we now find ourselves living in. Any native in this Christian country must never insult Islam in any shape or form for fear of persecution or even imprisonment. No matter how many Islamic hate speeches, child rapes, terrorist attacks or our many large cities being handed over to Britain haters, they must say NOTHING and most comply with this because they’ve been brainwashed to think this way. The education system teaches our children from an early age to conform to whatever the Leftist establishment wishes. It’s subtle and most are unaware of this ‘programming’. Sometimes these techniques reach the general public such as a blackboard is now a chalkboard so as not to insult black people. Baa baa black sheep is now baa baa rainbow sheep to show the wonderful multicultural diversity of our country. Pork removed from most British schools menus so as to not upset Muslims. Our children are being programmed to welcome and tolerate the foreign hordes that will eventually wipe out our civilisation, the Left’s dream. The Left are in control of our schools, the councils, the TV and the press. The very tools needed to control our minds into thinking the establishment’s way, so the next time you think of the Muslims as brainwashed drones, they’re not the only ones. This is where patriots, and patriots alone, differ from the rest. They have a mind of their own. They’ve refused to tow the establishment’s line by fighting back against anything that harms our people and our hard earned culture. That’s why we’re hated by the Left, the Government and the majority of the brainwashed general public. Get it yet? Written by B Bacon Crusader

    On 23 February 2016 at 03:44, sharia unveiled wrote:

    > sharia unveiled posted: ” Pictured above is the ‘actual site’ where Jalal > Uddin was found with serious head injuries. Photograph: Peter Byrne/PA. > Photo courtesy of: The Guardian 56-Year-old Imam Found Dead on Children’s > Playground by, Frances Perraudin | The Guardian | h/t Gle” >


  2. hang both of them from a piece of wire and they will never again do what they did.

    Criminals know they can get away with murder and do it again, execute them and

    they will not repeat their crime. The law is too soft.



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