7 comments on “Medical Doctors in the United States Prepared to ‘Compromise’ Allowing ‘..Just a Little..’ Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

  1. the muslim US is already here my friend, send them back to where they came from

    those things do not deserve anything civilized



  2. Give the muslim men a small nic with a knife on the end of the dick and that will stop this stupid evil. All male muslims will one day be castrated I know this will happen its only a matter of time before the Libtards wake up and see that islam is EVIL


  3. This is exactly why we must enforce the ban on Islam that was written into law in 1952 not to mention the fact that the savagery of Islam has absolutely no place in a democratic republic like the government of the United States of America it is not a race it is not a religion it is a socialist totalitarian ideology that has been on world domination and promote slavery genital mutilation murder rape theft genocide and every other evil that you can imagine Islam must either be banned completely in America are Americans must rise up and destroy Islam orderly from the face of this earth and we are prepared to do so


  4. Somebody clue me in, just exactly what the HELL is the purpose of a “small nick”, I guarantee the muzzie that’s performing the “small nick” is going to slip and do a full on FGM!!!


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