6 comments on “Muslim Immigrants Turn Germany Into an Active War-Zone (Video)

  1. the germans and their Nazi pals killed 6 million jews, millions more of Europeans, now the

    dumb germans are allowing the muslim plague to run their country, how funny this is

    let the muslim plague destroy Germanay they derserve it.



  2. I can’t imagine what life is like in Germany these days. Without fire arms they need to find some type of weapon that will work. Pork seems to work as a deterrent. I’m thinking wasp bug spray shot into the eyes of the offender, or perhaps a taser might work in the short term. Where are the Polizei? They should beat these refugees until they are no more than a greasy spot in the road.


    • re: Bev Teboe;

      Hi Bev.

      Germany is horrific today. I have a lot of family and close friends there. I can tell you.. women there are afraid to go out alone during the day. And out alone after dark is out of the question. This is all a relatively recent transformation resulting directly from Muslim immigration.

      Germans need to be armed..period. Especially the German women.

      Muslim males are the weakest of creatures. Like wolves, they hunt in packs. Rarely do they ever attack alone. Imagine being a young German woman traveling alone at night and being surrounded by 5 armed Muslim males. The only chance she has is, if she to is armed.

      As for the polizei.. lol. what a joke. Merkel has ordered a media black-out of all “immigrant related crimes” and the polizei have been ordered not to accept complaints or file reports including the aforementioned. This means, German girls will continue to be raped, German women attacked and nothing will be done.

      I suppose we will one day hear again.. ‘”..we were just following orders..” from the German ranks.

      Only this time, there will be a variable factored into the equation that wasn’t prior..

      When “WE” said ‘..Never Again..’ we meant NEVER AGAIN!

      Yes, we FIRST mean this in defense of the Jews.. but, OUR DEFENSE does not stop there.

      WE will defend ANY group from the systematic torture, torment, rape, etc. from ANY other group..

      And this includes German girls and women.

      So..let Merkel, her cabinet and the polizei be on notice…

      “..When WE come for the Muslims…WE are coming for you all to..”


      jsm @ sharia unveiled

      Soldier of Hashem

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  3. Ruin by Design decided at The Bilderberg Group Meeting in Austria, April 2015. Ignore & deny their existence at your own peril. Your scapegoat, puppets, middle men, mafia enforcers were already Selected, there is no “voting”. TPP/TPA has already been signed as a contract and passed into “law”. So the rich can order from the top, “legally”.


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