7 comments on “10-Year-old Girls Targeted by Muslim Immigrants in Latest “Rape Wave” to Hit Sweden

  1. Women’s rights please. While your naive and ridiculous government has shipped in all these male moslems your have no damn rights. Moslems DO NOT integrate nor obey Swedish law. Get real will you, you stupid blonde bimbo’s with too much to say that is empty words.


  2. deport the muslim plague to where they came from and that will solve the muslim plague

    problem my friend.



  3. this World is on the verge of ww3, ever since ww2 when the World killed 6 million of GODS ppl, I have the feeling that this invasion of satans children is like a payback from GOD the HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL


  4. The Swede’s should contact every violent homosexual in the country and ask them if they’d like to have some fun with the immigrant animals. Maybe if enough of them got booty raped they’d get the point (literally)!


    • re: Berzrkr50;

      LOL. 🙂 I really like your suggestion…

      It conjures up some weird mental images.. but hey.. maybe that’s just in “my head.”

      Personally, I wouldn’t want to touch the ‘muzswine’ in “that way” but.. we ‘could capture them..put them in butt-less leather chaps and full bondage gear and rent them to the homos by the hour..

      Yeah.. let’s do it.


      jsm @ sharia unveiled


  5. let the muslim plague destroy Germany and those stupid countries that have allowed

    them in I do not see to what purpose.



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