5 comments on “10,000 of the Most Dangerous Muslim Immigrants Facing Deportation Now to be Released Onto the Streets of Britain

  1. put them on a ship, torpedo the ship let them drown and solve the problem the easy

    way my friend.


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  2. let me see hmm where are the women children and the elderly well at Peace in their homeland waiting for the men to get citizenship so they can join them


  3. The Brits need to pull their collective heads out. Tonight the news is reporting that ‘a massive terror attack in Britain is imminent’. Now why would you let these animals run free on the streets because you haven’t hired enough people to do the vetting? How many bleeding hearts are there worrying about keeping people in detention centers? Hey British govt you’re the ones in control refusing to see what you are doing to your country. Britain will be gone in 5 years.

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