7 comments on “Decapitated Head Found on Sidewalk Outside a Muslim-Owned Shisha Cafe in Amsterdam (Video)

    • re: rkae;

      Lol. That’s funny..and after thinking about it.. I suppose you are correct.

      As for the body…

      Pork may be haram in Islam.. but human flesh…

      ..not so much.


      jsm @ sharia unveiled


  1. no humans are known to certain cannibalistic tribes as the long pig , apparently human flesh tastes very similar to pork , northern Australian Aborigines loved eating the Chinese miners in the late 1800’s over westerners because they had a lower meat diet meaning they tasted better ,, food for thought pardon the pun


    • re: john green;

      Lol. I love your blend of knowledge with humor…

      Hmm.. Chinese food, huh…

      I’ll keep that in mind when I invite ‘friends’ on a voyage…

      You know, just in case.


      C’ya John..

      jsm @ sharia unveiled


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