3 comments on “Germany: Turkish Muslim Nationalists March Chanting; ‘..With Allah’s Help, We Shall Conquer You..’ (Video)

  1. Why can’t all the countries get together and wage war against these demons and kill as many as we can? Will the Islamic terrorists and their followers destroy all of us?


    • re: Sylvia Lyons;

      Sylvia, my sister.. you ask a VERY poignant question. I will tell you ‘in brief’ what I believe to be true, based upon numerous sources.

      You are so correct that, it would only take a limited effort by just a few nations to easily rid this earth of ISIS (and many of the other terrorist elements) in just a short time period. Although, our “leaders” today are not “of G-d” but rather are “Emissaries of the AntiChrist.” – Contrary to popular belief, today’s leaders were not ‘duly elected’ into office, but rather, “ushered in” by the powers of evil that be on this earth.

      To further advance the “One World Government” ..Islam is not only being allowed to spread, but is being aided in its spread. I have read the Charter for the ‘One World Government’ and it ‘only’ allows for “..One Religion for ALL people..” and this ‘One Religion’ that was chosen by them was ‘Islam.’

      Therefore, they are now utilizing Islam (Muslims) to cleanse the Earth of ALL “other” religions, other than Islam.

      Do ‘you’ notice how the ENTIRE world is sitting back watching.. 1. Judeo-Christians being slaughtered 2. Their ancestry annihilated 3. Their antiquities (some 3,000 years old) being destroyed. 4. Little Judeo-Christian and Yazidi Girls being gang-raped by Muslim men.. and so on..

      And what is the world doing to stop it? Nothing.

      What are world leaders doing to stop it? Nothing.

      To the contrary, ..these “world-leaders” are bringing those Muslim murderers and child-rapists into OUR NATIONS by the MILLIONS! They are being brought into ALL Western Nations..INTENTIONALLY!

      Yes, intentionally to spread Islam..and assist the Muslims in the ONE thing they have wanted since 610ad. but have NEVER achieved…

      The Khilafah.

      A One World Government “Under Islam”

      I pray that I am incorrect..but, rarely am I. Everything fits. It fits completely with scripture.

      If you have not already done so, PLEASE watch and listen VERY carefully to this video..

      It’s based 100% on Judaic and Islamic scripture.

      You’ll see what I mean…

      Please stay in touch with us Sylvia.

      Love and Shalom.

      – jsm @ sharia unveiled


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