5 comments on “Oh Come Ye Muslimeen

    • re: Captainporksword;

      Infidel Greetings. While I do understand your feelings, I hope ‘you’ understand this:

      1. We are in opposition of the supremacist and racist ideology of Islam, why? Because of the intolerance and ‘hate’ contained within it. When “we” hate them right back..are ‘we’ any better than them? Are ‘we’ not essentially lowering ourselves to their level, hence becoming that which we are confronting?

      2. Please always remember this; When ANY human being “hates” anyone (or) anything, where does that hatred reside?

      – Does it reside in the person (or) object that is hated? No.

      – Hatred resides in the heart of the one who hates. We must not allow our hearts to be consumed by hate. Our hearts are only designed to be a place of love. Love first, for Our G-d, Our family, Our brothers and sisters and the remainder of humanity. We MUST confront the enemy..out of OUR LOVE for the victims, not our hatred for the aggressors.

      I personally, hate no one. I do NOT allow hatred to enter into my heart. My heart belongs to my Lord thy G-d and is ONLY a place for HIS LOVE. – “IF” I allowed in just a little hate, it would grow, replicate and eventually consume me.

      And no one should ever mistake the above as a weakness. I am a soldier and will never hesitate to engage and neutralize the enemy.

      Love and Shalom.

      jsm @ sharia unveiled


    • re: Ericka Leijonhufvud;

      Lol. Ericka sweetheart, that was “put on paper” by me.. but was written on my heart by Hashem.

      I felt G-d’s calling on my heart to write this to the Muslims.

      Hence, where I wrote in the beginning that it is written.. ‘..out of obedience to G-d..’

      Although, I can assure you.. I did NOT copy it from anywhere.

      I sat at my laptop.. with tears dripping on my keyboard..and as Hashem spoke it to me.. I typed it.

      We do know.. G-d’s TRUTH NEVER CHANGES!

      If you would not mind, could you please show me were this ‘..prayer is in Torah and Old Testament?..’

      Thank you.

      Love and Shalom.

      jsm @ sharia unveiled


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