7 comments on “Boston, MA: Muslims Behead and Vandalize Multiple Statues of the Virgin Mary

    • re: f/j;

      Hey brother. Yeah.. I can’t stand Zakir. He’s one of those ‘..fast talkers..’

      Fast talking Pieces of Shi’ite.

      And who can understand a word he says anyway? He could easily deny any claim we made of something he said by simply saying.. ‘..you misunderstood what I said..’

      “..I didn’t say kill the Infidel..’ I said; ‘..Ring the dinner bell..”


      jsm @ sharia unveiled


  1. Norwood, Burlington, now Billerica …
    Start your investigation here police;

    Islamic Center of Burlington
    130 Lexington Street, MA 01803


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  3. TIme to throw out Political Correctness, “Christian” charity & tolerance when it comes to the Moslem scum. By our inaction, we become enablers. We enable the Moslem scum to get by with this crap. I say we start burning down the Mosques or cover them in pigs blood. Eye for an eye, tit for tat. Also, it’s time to flood your State Senator’s office with e-mails demanding they revoke Islam’s “religious” status and call it what it is- a terrorist organization. If they are not considered a “religion”, they can’t be protected under our “freedom of religion” clause.


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