8 comments on “Mosque Explosion Results in 2 Dead and 15 Injured When Man Accidentally Drops Hand-Grenade During Prayer Service

    • re: Linda Schmitt;

      Hi Linda. Perhaps you are a newcomer to the study of Islam..

      Mosque is an Arabic word meaning: ‘Fortress.’ They have ALWAYS been places of WARFARE and almost every mosque contains various sorts of weapons and artillery. Many in the Muslim community store their stockpile of weapons, explosives, etc. in their local mosque. Especially in the West.

      Reason being; It allows for plausible deniability and evidence of ownership for the illegal stockpile.

      “Worshiping their allah” is mostly a ‘Cover’ for their illegal activity.

      jsm @ sharia unveiled


    • Perhaps the accident was during priming the grenade. Or perhaps the person had the grenade hanging by its pin and it got caught. If one does not know how to handle such explosives one can easily set the explosive off. In the military this would be viewed as a negligent discharge.


      • re: michaeldmarsh;

        Yes, and one could also conclude that the man who ‘negligently discharged’ did so because he suffered from “premature detonation.”


        Ahavah and Shalom..

        – jsm @ sharia unveiled


  1. it could have been a ” gee, this ring would look nice in my girlfriends nose so lets get it off this grenade” type of attitude


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