5 comments on “Muslim Immigrant Arrives in Sweden and Begins Raping Children the Next Day

  1. All that needs to be done is to take this “Muslim rapist” somewhere private, and cut his oenis and testicles off! Do it smart! Do it silent! And don’t leave a a trace!

    If the authorities won’t stop it, then those of moral character MUST!

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    • re: aprilyn43;

      I could not agree with you more..

      Although, one additional step could be added.

      Take the penis and testicles.. throw them out on the front entrance way to the local mosque with a note that reads:

      ‘..One of your faithful was caught raping one of our children. In an effort to find justice, his ‘parts’ were lost. And the same will happen to ANYONE whom follows in his path..’


      Love and Shalom..

      jsm @ sharia unveiled


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