36 comments on “Two Recently Arrived Muslim Immigrant Boys Attempt Murder of a 9-Year-old Canadian Schoolgirl by ‘..Choking Her With Chains..’

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    Trudeaux is one silly kid running Canada. This is outrageous, the kid needs to get to grips with real history of Islam and stop importing these savages into Canada. They are DANGEROUS to women and children, they have no ethics to speak of, their value system is barbaric, most are uneducated and those that are are building bombs to blow up western society. :Suggest reading Zoe Ferraris and author with a subtle insight to Saudi Life. She is not politically correct, unless one knows how to read between the lines of her novels one might consider she is PC.

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    • I completely agree. What the hell is he thinking other than legalizing pot. We all know his mother was a hippy and embarrassed her husband. Now Trudeau is running around spending our money and making himself look like super star instead of a level headed political leader. It won’t be long now before some other lady fancies him and hey, more scandals to come. Stop, give us our Canada back. Why do we need to keep taking violent immigrants into our country.


      • Our mindless, leftist, thoroughly stupid countrymen (and women) voted ‘meathead’ in as PM, now we are stuck with this mindless, moslem-hugging pothead, when we could have had the level-headed conservative Stephen Harper, a friend of Israel, who at least knew moslems are the enemy–and always have been.


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  3. This incident should automatically have them deported back to where they came from to show other immigrants we do not put up with any form of violence regardless of age. This is not fair to us Canadians who were born and raised in our country. We shouldn’t have to live in fear. Had those Muslim boys been aboriginal, I’m absolutely sure the school board would have addressed what had happened to this little girl as well as the boy’s parents. Trudeau brings immigrants to our country and spends millions, perhaps billions on these Syrian immigrants, giving them housing etc and yet he can’t even clean up what’s going on in his back door. Look at the housing issues on aboriginal communities, the water conditions etc. Look at the poor in general? Hey, Trudeau!!!! Look after us Canadians born to this land before caring for the outsiders!!!!!!

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    • Shayla…..

      “Had those Muslim boys been aboriginal, I’m absolutely sure the school board would have addressed what had happened to this little girl as well as the boy’s parents.”

      LOL! I don’t know where you live but I can assure you that if those boys had been aboriginal the school and school board wouldn’t have done anything about it either! Aboriginals have more freedoms and rights than the average Caucasian Canadian!

      Most of the Syrian refugees are privately sponsored by church groups, groups of individuals, businesses and companies….. there are very few that are being sponsored by the government! The sponsors are responsible for everything except for ESL classes and job training. If Turd-boy was giving them housing then the refugees wouldn’t be spending time living in hotels!

      Most of the Refugees are Syrian Christians, Jews, Kurds, Yazidis with a few of the muslim minority groups who are being persecuted by the mercenaries that Obama had trained in America, given military hardware and ordinance and are being funded by the Saudi’s.

      The housing and water on Reserves for aboriginals ….. Most of the Reserves are given tax payers monies which the Band councils are suppose to use to look after the residents of the Reserve. Lots of that monies is being pocketed by band council members and is not being used as it was intended! A full auditing of each Reserve that is getting government monies needs to be done and those Reserves that are found to be misappropriating the funds should be charged with theft!

      “Look after us Canadians born to this land before caring for the outsiders!!!!!!”

      I’m sure that was the cry and howl heard when the boatload of Jewish children were looking for a safe place to dock….too bad they were turned away to meet their death in the Nazi Death camps!


  4. All disgusting pigs cant even call them human makes hitler look like an angel. Our governments are piss weak willing sacrifice everything we have for these savages this viral plague is ruining the planet. Everything they touch turns to shit. It has to end and end now before its too late.


  5. This was inevitable, these “refugees” are a disease, they expect to be given everything, expect that they will not be offended…..to bad, I for one will not bow to their sick twisted murderous “religion”, If I can offend these pigs of the far east I will. This little girl and many more like them MUST be protected…..send these muslim scum to the farthest reaches of this planet and allow them to die far away from us and ours. GET THEM OUT, SEND THEM BACK KILL THE THE SICK FAITH.


  6. What’s it going to take to see the threat here I guess a death to an innocent child. This needs to be addressed now now when it’s too late


  7. Are you kidding me….ship their sorry butts back to where they came from!! Who has the rights in this country? These refugees? I think not..these trouble makers need to be shipped back. I am not saying all of them are bad but these ones yes need to go.


  8. Wel….I would PAY a larger set of boys to go choke the two that did this. Then I would keep my child home and homeschool her, sue the school for not protecting my child that is forced to attend this violent place without parental protection nor school protection, join Soldiers of Odin, picket the nearest migrant shelter or worse, start a parents group to police the playground at the school. And that is just for starters. But, then I am a subversive type. I speak my mind, I don’t sugar coat anything because I am not Willy Wonka.


    • The parents need to personally sue turd-boy for this! He can’t be facing a court and still be PM!

      BTW…we don’t have migrant shelters for the refugees…..they are dispersed throughout Canada and some are waiting in hotels for permanent housing.


  9. I’ll rub their faces in pig feces if my eyes ever see such uncivilized behaviour be some of these individuals!


  10. The cultural barriers are too different. Newcomers find it hard to adjust to society its like some one here who served time in prison(bad example maybe) but regardless they need to be rehabilitad and socialized and taught how to be apart of our society in whole. Things that were tolerated before is no longer. We will welcome them with open arms and tell them our home is there home now as well but they need to follow out laws and rules and treat each other with respect as they would want from others. I find the racial aspects and the bad social online including newpapers and tv only add negativity to all racial ethenic groups world wide a negative and outrages images to all cultures and fuels the hatred and uneducated actions to each other. Children are taught this and unfortunately racism is radical and hard to eliminate more so in multi cultural communities, cities and countries. What was right in ones country may not be right in another country and shame onto those who encourage this behaviour. We are all one world, one community, one human race. Despite ones beliefs and should learn to get along and live prosperously in our life time.
    Love not war !!!!

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    • Paul……

      I agree!

      This school is already a hotbed for bullying by those in school…..this could also have been something that these Syrian children saw other Caucasian children doing and thought that is what is normal behavior.

      Did anyone even inform these new children and their parents as to what is appropriate behavior?

      The parents whose children attend this school need to band together and get the school admin. and the school board to address all bullying in the school!


  11. GET OUT OF THIS SCHOOL!! Meanwhile the parents should do everything within the Canadian legal system to end this, including long boycotts of the schools.


    • Mike…..

      Some areas only have one school….. it’s not like they have a choice. Boycotting the school won’t do anything. The parents need to demand the school board address all the bullying happening at the school and if the board or school admin won’t then they all need to be personally sued!


  12. I have made two comments and both never seem to have been posted. I wonder why that is? Is it because I dared to question the veracity of the story? I have first hand information that contradicts the story in the Halifax newspaper! If this website values western democracy, I request that my disenting views be heard, come hell or high water


    • re: Peter;

      If your prior comments were of a ‘..dissenting point of view..’ AND contained evidence supporting your contention, then they are possibly still in our queue awaiting moderation. And for this, we sincerely apologize. We have received thousands of comments on this story alone and our policy mandates EVERY comment be read, prior to moderation for public viewing. This is, as you can assuredly understand, a security precaution.

      However, if you made a false, bull-shit claim that this story is ‘untrue’ without providing any evidence to support that claim, your comments are probably in the trash with the others whom did likewise.

      We have both, audible and video interviews with multiple victims, their parents and witnesses that ALL, independently collaborate the truthfulness and validity of the facts in this story.

      It was ONLY pulled because of ‘Political Correctness’ and ‘Normalcy Bias.’

      Thank you.

      jsm @ sharia unveiled


      • In response to this, I have not seen any evidence supporting this position. I have looked. But when a relative with teenage children at this school tell me that the story is completely false, I am inclined to believe them. No evidence exists to prove this actually happened. What evidence are you basing it on? WHere is the audio or visual evidence that this happened other than ‘eyewitness testimony’? YOu have no more evidence than I do.

        And personally, while I may agree we need to be careful about our immigration policies in Canada, there is absolutely 0 evidence of wrongdoing. Just claims.

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      • re: Peter;

        Hi Peter. My apologies to you if I was a snarky with you in the 2nd half of my last comment to you.

        I don’t believe in ‘..making excuses..’ so, I will not do so. Simply, my apologies to you.

        Below is one of a few videos that I saved. I just located that one first…

        It contains a few excerpted clips from the families involved.

        I’ve heard the full interviews..although, I must re-locate them.

        And now that we have spoken, I will personally watch for your comments and address them at my soonest convenience.

        Thank you Peter.

        – jsm @ sharia unveiled


  13. All of them need to be sent back. Not even 6months have past and look at all the shit there causing. What if we did the same there?? We would be killed fast.
    Also what a tax burden the people of Canada.


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  15. Holy good god people. These are all kids we are talking about here. Get a grip. The kids just need to be disciplined like any other kid. They are not a disease, they are not here to rule the world, they are KIDS. Get your head out of your asses and stop blaming Islam for everything. Bullies are everywhere, they just haven’t been taught how to act. KIDS!!!!!!! NOT DISEASES!!!!

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    • re: Joe helmworth;

      As I read your first few sentences I thought.. ‘..I guess Joe isn’t very educated on Islam and merely suffers from willful blindness..’ “but” then, as I continued reading I see.. ah-ha ..’you’ mentioned Islam. Hmmm.. makes one wonder.. Is “Joe” an apologist for Islam with an agenda (or) does he simply have his head up his arse?

      I think it’s a little of the former and A LOT of the latter.

      I think ‘you’ have a clear case of mental illness combined with Normalcy Bias.

      What do you think?

      Who do you work for? CAIR in Canada (or) perhaps Hizb ut-Tahrir (PR Department?)

      The “ONLY” thing you said that possesses any grain of salt is; ‘..the children are not a disease..’

      Ah, but 1/2 of those involved are carriers of a disease.

      The disease of ISLAM!

      WTFU Joe and stop defending Muslim rapists and murderers. Defend the VICTIMS!

      You are either a loyal Muslim or a disloyal Canadian.

      – – –

      jsm @ sharia unveiled




    • Lois…..

      Do you know for a fact that turd-boy is giving everything to the refugees or did you just hear that and decide to run with it?

      Do you have anything to back that claim up with?

      BTW…if you actually go to Canadian government website for the criteria on how one can submit a claim for refugee status…. you’ll see that most of the refugees are being sponsored by groups of individuals, church groups etc and not many are on the government dime.


  17. If that were my daughter I would be in jail.we have put up with these people and there wanting to change our laws to suit there
    Needs.”they’re trying to kill our children now and our school system allows this to go on how long before a child is murdered in the name of Allah.


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