7 comments on “Islamic Scholar Attributes Muhammad’s Rape of 9-Year-old Aisha to Global Warming (Video)

  1. He is saying that in warm climates that girls reach puberty faster and can have babies at age 9 and that is was normal for Muhammad to have sex with 9 year old Aisha and that Christian books say Joseph was 90 and Mary was 12. Well we don’t have any other books than the Bible (we’re not gnostics believing in the many false books that were mainly written 200-300 years after Jesus) and Mary was called a woman not a child and her age and Joseph’s age was never mentioned. When people try to mention Mary’s age they make themselves look stupid.


    • re: kjfriend2;

      Assalam alaikum. lol.. just kidding.. 😉

      Infidel Greetings to you, Kj. Absolutely correct. As we all know, Muslims lie. They are deceivers, compelled to lie for their ‘..prophet of paedophilia..’

      There are too many lies in this video to address, but I’ll list a few. First, is the one you referenced about ‘..their ages never being mentioned..’ Second, the one Muslims refer to as ‘Mary’ is NOT the ‘Mary, mother of Jesus’ but rather, Mariam. But, Muslims continuously refer to ‘Mariam’ as ‘Mary.’ Third, Mary was called the ‘Virgin Mary’ for a reason. – Mary and Joseph NEVER engaged in any form of “consummation.” Therefore, how can ANY Muslim in their right mind compare Muhammad with Joseph?

      Islam occurs when ignorance collides with deception.

      Ahavah and Shalom, Kj.

      jsm @ sharia unveiled


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