3 comments on “Muslims Around the World Enraged Over Video of Syrian Girl Kneeling at the Feet of the Pope (Video)

  1. I’m enraged at the sight of Christian men, women and children hung on meat hooks in slaughter houses
    I’m enraged at the wholesale slaughter of, the inhabitants of whole Yazidi and Christian towns .. cities .. ” the people” .. innocent people, who have been murdered .. butchered, by Muslims!
    I’m enraged at Muslim refugees who come to other countries and, rape, assault, murder and commit sexual assaults against women, children. Who complain about the good food and housing they are given. Who demand extra, extra, extra benefits .. Privileges.
    I’m enraged at Pope Francis, a man who calls himself a Christian leader, but in essence is a type of the anti-Christ, a false follower of Jesus the Annointed One of God. I’m enraged that he blasphmey the Living God and Jesus the So. Of God … Savior of the world, by saying, Christians and Jews worship the same God as Muslims! First, Jesus isn’t acknowledged as the Son of God or as the SVior by Muslims. Second, allah is not the Living God of the Bible; Allah is aka Satan! A man if God, in the position the Poe holds should know that and should not be blaspheming the Word of God.
    I am also enraged that the Pope chose these Muslims over Christians and Yazidi, who are the true persecuted and endangered people of the Middle East. Genocide is being perpatrated on the Yazidi and Christians, by Muslims. And, the pseudo-Pope left those who are called by God’s name behind, to be raped, murdered, and live in an endangered area!

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    • re: aprilyn43;

      Hi April. Absolutely and very well stated.

      Personally, I feel just as you do and I could give a sh*it what ‘..enrages a Muslim..’ and hurts their poor ittle-wittle feelin’s.

      Ahavah and Shalom to you April.

      – jsm @ sharia unveiled

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