4 comments on “NEW Evidence Released: Flight Certificate of Al-Qaeda Bomb-Maker Ghassan Al-Sharbi Discovered Hidden in an Envelope From the Embassy of Saudi Arabia

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  1. The fastest way to bring down Suadi’s so called Royal family (having seen Elizabeth II birthday celebrations) there is nothing royal about the ‘bloody barbaric Saudi’s’. Humiliate and take the €720 billion stop doing business with this scum. In short ostracise them, freeze them out, leave them to rot in the desert wallowing in their stinking OIL. Oil we in the west dug out of the ground, the cities since the late ’70’s we the west build for these idle barbarians. As a young woman I met this scum before they had their cities and bought up half the world. I have never respected them, as for so called Prince Banda he was screwing a white girl named Carol Kelly (she believed he would marry her!) plus plenty of others. Salman was crawling the bars of the London night clubs back then. Oh how these barbarians have been pandered to by successive US and European governments. All this crap about the two state solution in Israel. Israel fought fare and square in 1967 I was there I know. Kids, let me tell you it is time you acquainted yourselves with contemporary history, factual and unbiased. The palestinian conflict was created by Yassar Arrafat & the only Palestine around in 1948 was that which was renamed by the Roman Empire. On the land lived a few goat herders. The minute Israel became a nation Arabs wanted in because Israel is secular and free. As for that damnable carbuncle called Al Acqsa this is a load of crap – the real Al Acqsa is a virtually derelict stone building behind the entire area of the Temple Mount. I cannot wait to see the fall of Islam, plaques raging rampant in all Islamic nations i;e. Middle eastern respiratory syndrome, a new pandemic of a virulent new strain of syphilis and AIDS. Does anyone follow the World Health Organisation? Suggest you kids check it out you will find some very nasty info about diseases appearing, even the Black death has re-appeared in Madagasgar (they may have dealt with it since two years ago) Open TB is brought in with immigrants from the middle east. Time Islam was damned by HIMSELF after it is evil or satanic if you like!


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