12 comments on “Germany: Violent Muslim Gang Releases Video Threatening to ‘..Take Over the Country..’

      • re: Michael Burkert;

        Assalam alaikum.

        Ihr wagt den Versuch durch Deutschland zu marschieren.
        Wir werden euch das antun was Hitler den Juden angetan hat. Wie ihr wisst, haben wir immer noch die Öfen.
        Und wenn ihr jemals nach Amerika kommen möchtet und uns dort bekämpfen wollt, könnt ihr das tun.
        Wir werden eure kleinen muslimischen Schlampen, steckt die Köpfe in eure Ärsche und stoßt eure Skelette in das Meer.

        jsm @ sharia unveiled


  1. An extremely, violent, Muslim gang, in Germany?? …. No way! Everyone knows Islam and Muslims are peaceful, respectful and extremely tolerant! (extreme sarcasm).

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  2. What kind of people does Germany have when it can’t even defend it’s duty and obligation to fend off invasion and protect its people? Yeah, sure you can justifiably blame the government but when a whole country is facing extinction and much of the population is apathetic and indifferent to its demise it finally boils down to the people just don’t care if their race and culture disappear from the face of the earth. You can say that about almost every other western country. I mourn the loss of millions of soldiers throughout European history who fought to ward of Muslim invasion only to see their progeny hand over their countries to foreign invaders and their own traitorous governments(and a lot of their people) on a silver platter.


    • re: Tom;

      Hmm.. you do realize though..

      You could have substituted the name: ‘Germany’ for ‘United States’ and ‘Merkel’ for ‘Obama’ ..and your comment would be equally accurate?

      If you disagree.. your’re not paying attention.

      Just keep watching…

      jsm @ sharia unveiled


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