5 comments on “Leaving Islam: Rescuing the Ex-Muslims — An Ex-Muslim’s Critique — Will Islam Reform? (Video)

  1. I am an Ex-muslim too. I am Christian now. Evil islam is the most disgustingly monstrous bloodthirsty and demonic cult. Evil muhamMAD was the most atrocious monster, paedophile, deranged, narcissist , bloodthirsty mass murderer, misogynist, rapist, torturer, lecherous pig, assassin and looter. I like websites who criticize and expose this evil islam cult. I love Barenakedislam, TROP(thereligionofpeace) and Answeringmuslims and answering-islam org and a lot of amazing websites. I left this evil cult after reading from these amazing websites. I found my Lord Jesus Christ and i thank him a million times that he saved me from this heinous islam cult. Please my friend, keep exposing this cult so that some good reasonable people should leave this cult and remember we don’t hate muslims, but evil islam is the most hateful coercive and oppressive cult who hates humanity. May God bless you.


    • re: Larry;

      Infidel “Ex-Muslim” Greetings to you, my brother.

      I just want you to know.. over the years, I have been called every name in the book and received a few death threats, etc..for reporting “the TRUTH” about Islam…

      And then, along comes someone like ‘you’ and it reminds me of “why” I do what I do…

      You give me hope brother. Thank you.

      And I am so thankful to hear that you left Islam for something other than ‘atheism.’

      I would contend that so many ex-Muslims have become so utterly repulsed by what they witnessed in Islam, once they leave Islam, they want nothing to do with ANY “religion.” – When in fact, Islam is NOT like ANY other religion. They are polar opposites.

      Going from Islam to ANY other religion is traveling the full length of the spectrum, from one end to the other. From extreme hate, to extreme love.

      I would love to talk to you sometime..

      Are you on facebook? If not, is the gmail account that you entered a real address that I could write you at?

      p.s. All of those sites you listed are my favorites, as well. The editors of those sites are my dear friends, Bonni, Glen, David, Sam, etc.

      I guess you know, David Wood (editor: Answering Muslims) was once atheist and is now a Christian..

      Just imagine his journey from; Not believing in a G-d, to now being among the greatest minds on Judeo-Christianity and Islamic Studies.

      He is awesome.

      And so are you, my brother.

      Write back.

      Ahavah and Shalom.

      jsm @ sharia unveiled


  2. Shalom Aleichem . Are you Jewish my brother? Chag Pesach Sameach .Wishing you a very happy Pesach my brother. My ancestors were from the tribe of Joseph .They were forcibly cruelly converted to evil demonic Islam by swords. I have Jewish roots Baruch HaShem.

    You are right evil Islam is very very hateful cult. But i was raised in a secular family.I was non-practicing agnostic kind of muslim back then. Actually a lot of muslim morons don’t even read their filthy Quran and even if they read it in disgusting Arabic language (This language looks like snakes coiling all over, LOL ) they don’t know what it means .It is like reading a Chinese book without knowing its meaning. A lot of those muslim morons assume even without reading that their diabolical book is all peaceful and that their evil muhamMAD was a very polite like Mother Teresa all these kinds of bullcrap .These foolish muslims think that islam exposing websites are not true ,they are biased and islamophobic but these same muslim hypocrites will never read their filthy Quran and filthy demonic loathsome Hadith to confirm it . These muslims don’t know and dont take the time to read and confirm that their evil muhamMad was a bloodthirsty demon like evil Pharoah and evil Hamam( in the book of Esther ). There are many thousands of chronological errors in evil deceiving Quran ( It is the most hypocritical stupid non-scientific book i have ever read).

    Sure my dear brother, you can contact me anytime on my gmail account. I would be very glad to be your friend. I will tell you of my Facebook account on gmail then you can send me friend request.

    Please reply,


  3. I posted my previous comment but it disappeared . Anyway , I would be very glad to be your friend and of your any help ,my brother. I have Jewish roots Baruch HaShem . My ancestors were members of the lost tribe of Joseph. They were forcibly by extreme coercion converted to filthy demonic islam by swords. B Ezrat HaShem a lot of them will return to the faith of their ancestors with the coming of Moshiach.

    Yeah sure we can talk on gmail. I will give you my facebook account details so that you can send me a friend request.

    Actually muslims are the most shameless hypocrites. Many of these imbecile moronic muslims haven’t even read their hateful bloodthirsty warmongering discriminatory bigoted intolerant evil quran book (It is a a peace of crap) yet they whine at islam exposing websites and people who speak up the truth about this heinous islam cult ,calling us that we fabricate their evil filthy quran, we are islamophobic and they think that their evil monster muhamMad was like Mother Teresa kind of bullcrap .They don’t read their diabolical hadith . Even if some learn to read it in their non-native language disgusting Arabic( This awful language looks like snakes coiling up) they don’t know what it means. It is like reading Chinese without knowing what it means. The very evil deceiving monstrous Imams mullahs know a lot of all these diabolical hateful abhorrent objectionable stuff but these deceivers fool the foolish and the most evil ones brainwash these morons and make them into bloodthirsty demons.

    Deranged moron muhamMad thought that earth is flat .There are numerous scientific, chronological errors in evil filthy quran . That dumbass muhamMAD imbecile thought that Miriam and Mary are same that our Moshe Rabbenu is the uncle of Jesus even there is 1000 year difference between them. And again one of the most foolish error that Pharoah and Hamam built a tower to speak to G-d. This plagiarizer demon mixed up the story of the Tower of Babel from book of Genesis , Pharoah from the book of Exodus and Hamam from the book of Esther. There are thousands of errors in filthy quran crap. It is deceiving and most disgustingly false and evil book of savages.

    My brother, I love you and I stand with you forever. Please do email me whenever you are free and we will talk. I would love to work with you. I also want to expose this heinous deceiving cult so that some good reasonable people will leave this cult and become better peaceful humans .

    I love David Wood. He is amazing. I am a very big fan of him. May HaShem bless him and you.

    May HaShem be with us forever, Baruch HaShem

    Please email me

    Shalom Aleichem my dear Akhi


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