8 comments on “BREAKING: Nuclear Attack Reaches Imminent Level in Belgium as Government Begins Dispensing ‘Anti-Radiation’ Medication to All Citizens

  1. !!! – “The ‘Threat’ of a Nuclear Generating Facility being Sabotaged in a Terrorist attack, will endure and remain, as Islam and its ‘more’ Radical elements continue to exist within a civilized Society! After all, – what ‘better’ incentive and ‘inducement’ to foment such an attack, provided the inducement of the “Holy” Qu’ran, which assures the “Faithful” of an expeditious ‘Trip’ straight to ‘Paradise’ immediately, upon “slaughtering” a ‘single’ individual or preferably, a “Group” of Infidel non-Believers!


  2. May pigs blood be spilled on all of the nasty muslim cult members and may they burn in hell along with their scum bag child molesting Muhammad. Go home you nasty muslims.


    • re: 1magyarember fekete hun(Árpád, István);

      Lol. What the..?

      You have a very good eye for detail. And in English, excellent job.. 🙂

      I will go edit that for Ms. Sykes.

      Lol.. ‘Beast feeding’ ..that conjours up a whole new set of mental images..

      Thank you, my friend.

      Ahavah and Shalom.

      – jaedon @ sharia unveiled


  3. All moslems are always targeting everything. There is no wondering about what they are targeting. If it can cause mass chaos, they are targeting it, period, always. If it can cause the death of one infidel or Jew, they are planning it, period, always. They are targeting nuclear power plants. They are targeting gas and coal fired power plants. They are targeting our water supplies. They are targeting our oil storage places. They are targeting malls. They are targeting concerts. They are targeting schools. They are targeting airports, trains, buses, taxis. They are targeting your house, your family, your children, your pets. They are targeting food supplies. They are targeting everything.


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