8 comments on “Sweden: Muslim Immigrant Rapes Then Pours Lighter Fluid Over a Swedish Girl: Judge Allows Rapist to Remain in Sweden

  1. Jail 2 this kind of sick scum is like a free vacation. Someone needs 2 fight 2 have this judge fired & we need 2 start listing the names of the judges that hand out this bullshit sentences. If that was my kid I would have tried 2 kill that islamic sick fuck right in the court room if you call that a court


  2. Meanwhile, liberals like Barack Hussein Obama and Paul Lyin’ Ryan are working feverishly to install that very same thug-friendly punishment system here in the US.


  3. With some fortuitous luck someone will slip a shiv into him in prison. Saves a lot of money and time wasting in the long run.


  4. There is a solution to this problem. It isn’t nice. We can no longer hope, pray, wish, demand or expect our “authorities” to protect us. It requires that we become clear minded, purging ALL leftism from our minds. It requires that we train daily in all forms of warfare, any that you’re capable of. It requires that we utilize whatever skills we have to the utmost and to develop new skills. It requires that we become willing and able to do things that we never imagined we’d have to do. Even though we will have to become resolute, absolute, immovable warriors for awhile, we will be able to return to normalcy once the problem of moslems and moslam is solved. We already know in our heart of hearts that this will end in blood. It is before our eyes hourly. It will either be the blood of saving and renewal of Western Civilization or the blood of continued degradation and destruction of Western Civilization. The questions we must ask ourselves: Who are we? Are we willing and able to do what is necessary?


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