10 comments on “Saudi Arabia: 6-Year-old African Boy Abducted and Beheaded by a Muslim Man

  1. !!! – “The abduction of an African male Child, – ultimately ‘Beheading’ the boy, attests to the Calibre of Demon in Human form which Beheaded and killed the child! The World has seen fit to ‘welcome’ many thousands into Europe, of these ‘types’ who are admitted as “Refugees” as a “to be ‘seen’ of people” in the international Community “how magnanimous” as Host ‘Benefactors’ such ‘Hosts’ are, only to turn these ‘Predators’ loose on the Citizens of the ‘Host’ Countries and its unsuspecting “Citizens”! What unbridled Hypocracy! Citizens are “Reminded” that when ‘Crimes’ against host Nation Citizens are “tolerated” and even “encouraged” through ‘Abuse’ by and through Judicial malfeasance and inappropriate ‘misapplication’ of Jurisprudence, it is time for the ‘Citizens’ themselves to ‘Rebel’ and ‘Revolt’ against those ‘purported’ Authorities! When ‘INJUSTICE’ becomes “LAW” – REVOLUTION BY THE CITIZENS’ BECOMES A DUTY, BECAUSE THE “GOVERNMENT’ HAS TURNED AGAINST THE PEOPLE, AND HAVE BECOME A “ROGUE” ADMINISTRATION!”


    • re: Mukul Chand;

      Why do ‘you’ think this occurred?

      I’d be interested in hearing ‘your thoughts’ before I expressed ‘my’ reasoning.

      Thank you.

      Ahavah and Shalom.

      jsm @ sharia unveiled

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      • re: mukul chand;

        Yes, of course. That is the question.. but, what is the answer?

        Could it be that there is just ‘pure evil’ in this world?

        Is it possible that there must be evil, in order for there to be ‘good?’

        Would “light” be light, if there were no darkness to illuminate?

        p.s. I like your website.

        Sometimes I dream of a website with only beauty.. only life.. only…well, I’m sure you get the point.


        jsm @ sharia unveiled

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  2. Whoo now i knew how thos idiots vote for trump,

    The guy is from yemen
    The reson for doing it because the saudi yemen war not for being a Musilm .


  3. It is a religious obligation. They are, by any chance, would (a must) kill infidels. Only after that they feel ‘peace in their faith’


    • !!! Asylum seeker: “Yes, – your contention is totally ‘accurate’ and as a consequence each and every Mohammedan Muslim retains ‘that’ sense of obligation, which has the effect of making ‘each’ individual Muslim a ‘time’ bomb! Example: The Fort Hood Psychiatrist, an ‘educated’ and ‘apparently’ intelligent individual who ‘ensured’ his obligation was exceeded multiple times through a multiple slaughter!”


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