6 comments on “11-Year-old Hindu Boy Gang-Raped and Murdered in Swimming Pool by Pakistani Muslims

  1. !!! – “Clearly self-evident is that Mohammedanism is the embodiment of Satan himself! Those who proclaim ISLAM as their “Religion” – openly acknowledge their decipleship is to Lucifer and his Minions of Imps, the Gargoyles of Hades! SATAN’s Power is manifested in and attested to by the hordes of adherents who Worship that Netherworld deity, condemning themselves ‘forever!”


    • re: Riyaz Alee Rajuwa Nagri;

      Assalam alaikum.

      Yes, I am aware that many Muslims in Pakistan call ‘..the truth..’ propaganda.

      Call it what you wish.. but, it’s this truth that will one day set you free…

      Peace be with you and your family in Pakistan

      jsm @ sharia unveiled


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