7 comments on “Swedish Mother Opens Her Home to Muslim Refugee Who Immediately Sexually Molests Her 10-Year-old Daughter

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    • re: Gene Hull;

      I concur, my brother.

      Although, we must NOT wait on Pope Benedict (or any other False-Teacher) to ‘reinstate’ the Crusades but rather…

      ..it is up to “US” to do so ourselves.

      Who knows, perhaps you will meet the ‘right’ people in your near future.

      jsm @ sharia unveiled


  2. !!! – “This ‘Regular’ commenter is of the opinion to comment ‘any further’ on the outrageous and reprehensible postings of the atrocities which regularly occur, and are allowed in Norse Countries, is a futile exercise in absolute futility! This gives rise to the belief that ALL Host Nations to these Sub-Human ‘Refugee’ Sexual Predators, are in every sense, just as dysfunctional in ALL aspects, as the Rabid Lust-crazed Refugees are in their entirety!”


    • re: robertgillis2015;

      Well, if I may ask you this question, Mr. Gillis:

      What are you “doing” to fight the Islamic invasion (other than commenting?)


      If your schedule is rather filled with fighting back the Islamic invasion in the streets and commenting is proving to be a hindrance to these actions..then please, consider those ‘actions’ first…

      Although, “if” commenting is all you are doing and you quit commenting, then you will be doing nothing, correct?

      Please do NOT mistake my above ‘comment’ as rudeness, callousness nor as unappreciative. That is NOT my intention.

      Personally, I love reading your intellectual and poignant comments. And I know many of our readers do as well.

      Trust me, I completely understand your contention…

      ..and I think you are ready to take the ‘next step.’

      What do ‘you’ think?

      Are you ready?

      jsm @ sharia unveiled


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