6 comments on “Vladimir Putin Gets the Green Light to Unleash Massive “Super Army” Designed to Destroy ISIS Worldwide

  1. Putin will not hurt any Russian with this…..islamists, terrorists and those who want to hurt Russia though “BEWARE of POKING the BEAR”!!

    “Russian sociologist Ella Paneyakh added: “The National Guard is not just another law enforcement agency. “This is another army, with the right to conduct military operations on the territory of the country and against the country’s citizens.”

    ~ Well Ella….fearmongering is sickening! Seems like you wish for Russia to be back under Communism! You are an idiot! When Putin says that the National Guard officers will be deployed on combat missions abroad, including anti-ISIS operations in the Middle East as well as peacekeeping missions…..that is exactly where they will be used. They won’t be used against the Russian people!

    With a 97% approval rating of Putin….the only ones dissenting are the socialist idiots! They want Socialism back cuz they had it so much better then! Perhaps they should consider moving to the USA now cuz America is embracing socialism more than Russia is! Russia has been there and done that and found it doesn’t work so well. Capitalism works so much better in the long run!

    Glad to hear that at least someone is taking charge and isn’t going to allow ISIS to play their game of invasion, chaos and death! GO PUTIN!

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  3. The rest of the west dance around like headless chickens afraid of causing offence and their war-cry is human rights.
    kudos to Putin –

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