11 comments on “Germany: 15-Year-old German Girl Gang-Molested by Muslim Immigrants – Judge Sentences Child-Molesters to 150 Hours of ‘Community Service’

    • re: Tar Baby;

      I can assure you that these judges are NOT ‘jooz.’

      Are you aware that prejudice (in any form) is a reflection of a lack of intellect?

      More often than not, when an individual or group of individuals lack the evidence of truth..they resort to their default setting of ‘ignorance.’

      Ahavah and Shalom.

      intellectuals @ sharia unveiled

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      • Have you read the book, “The Nature of Prejudice?” I read it in 1965 and I estimate that about 200 times the author states that if there is a basis, IN TRUTH, for your beliefs about a group of people, you are NOT PREJUDICED. I’ve seen photographs of both MLK and Malcolm X, sitting at their respective desks, with a shelf full of books behind them, with THIS BOOK prominently displayed thereon. “Lack of intellect?” MY IQ is probably TWICE what yours is. I have three earned degrees, including a doctorate. I could carry on an intelligent conversation, with an adult, when I was TWELVE MONTHS old. I taught myself to read when I was TWO YEARS old. In kindergarten, I was reading at the 5th grade level. So, don’t spew with the drivel about “ignorance.” I will freely admit that I am DEEPLY prejudiced against just two things; ignorance and stupidity.


      • re: Tar Baby;

        No, I have not read this book. It sounds like “Mein Kampf for Dummies”

        But if it makes you feel better, I will gladly read it.

        And I doubt very seriously that ‘you’ have an IQ of 348.

        My Mensa IQ Test Score is 174.

        If you are so intelligent.. answer this simple question for me:

        What does the word “Jew” mean?

        Don’t look it up. I can promise you that you will NOT find the answer online.

        It’s simple.

        Why did G-d call His people “Jews?”

        What does the word ‘Jew’ mean?


        jsm @ sharia unveiled


  1. Merkel is responsible for this, the ridiculous woman, and I assure you disgusting pervert TAR BABY Jews would never do such a thing but ‘bloody’ savage sick minded moslems would. Moslems are spawn of evil and for your information ‘dick head’ Satan translates from Hebrew into adversary in other words he who questions. Moslems don’t question they blindly follow the madness of Mohammed without question. Time Ishmaeli’s cleaned up their act.


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