17 comments on “Sweden: Female Victims Blamed for Sexual Attacks by Muslim Immigrants

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  3. You mean rapeugees, they are not refugees.. these people are not civilised enough to become part of europe or any western civilisation.. These people are not refugees and many are young and here for the war… My heart goes out to this poor girl and I hope the rapists rot in hell..

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  5. Sorry, but I find the whole Swedish Governmental system disgusting, that you would rather blame innocent Swedish girls for their rape and molestation, rather than upset the pc applecart and blame their damned migrants who cannot and will not understand nor accept Western Culture. Your government should hang its head in disgrace as you are not fit to run the country. A governments first priority is to protect it’s OWN citizens. Shame on you Sweden, you are a disgrace to civilisation!

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    • re: jingers;

      I could not agree more.

      Sweden is nothing more than a mecca for Islamic appeasement and a beacon of darkness and disgust to the Western world.

      Honestly, they deserve to fall to Islam, were it not for the fact that this would have infectious results for the good nations that surround them.

      They are certainly not worthy nor deserving of so much as ‘one’ of our precious lives in their defence, when they will even defend themselves.

      jsm @ sharia unveiled

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  6. All Muslims are dirty smell inbread social nightmare ower governments need to say know more Emigrants and evict all the one. Who are living in the country’ send them back to there own countrys


  7. In Islam the “prophet” mulhammad stands above all and so he is to be emulated. So this man of lust and greed and violence becomes the standard barer to which Muslim men aspire. He gains power through conquest as man has always done. He builds an army by promising riches and power and sex with whom ever one would what. There’s an illusion of morality but most are abrigated by later quranic versus that conflict with and very rule earlier peaceful versus. This is at the core of Islam.
    In contrast Christianity teaches the exact opposite right down the line. Although the historic narrative tells the story of Gods chosen people (Israel), much of the time these people are running from God and his protection and blessings. Jesus Christ comes to bring salvation by first serving the church and then dying for the sins of the world.
    In Galations 5:22-23 we find the fruit of the spirit: Love, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering (Patience), Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self-Control.
    This is all a foreign concept in Islam. Peace will never be achieved in fundamental Islam or any other human endeavor. Human nature has always been one of conquest and always will be. Interning into relationship with the God who created you for relationship with him is the only hope.
    History tells us this.


  8. Since the govt. does nothing – its time for the people to rise up & hang these barbarians. its the only thing they understand. Put their head on a pike and raise their mosques to the ground. slaughter these mussie pigs.


  9. My grandparents and mother migrated to the US from Sweden. They would be ashamed of the government there today that is allowing the destruction of their whole society by allowing these barbarians to invade their nation!


  10. Why are they putting up with this?! It is disgraceful to BLAME the young lady. It had to be 17 hours of hell for her. I wonder how the ignorant judge lives with him/herself? These thugs needed to be IN JAIL!!!


  11. This is absolutely disgusting. These men should have their balls chopped off. I’m a born again christian and to rape a woman is against the law and against God. To do it to a child is child abuse. These men should not get away with this. They are total complete idiots. If they want to do these things stay in their own country. We do not need them in our countries.


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