4 comments on “Darmstadt, Germany: At least 18 Young German Women Sexually Assaulted by Gang of Pakistani Muslim Immigrants at Festival

  1. Clearly the Muslims don’t understand the irony behind the ‘rapists welcome’ poster. That is, unless the girls mean it! You never can tell with lefties.


  2. ““The perpetrators proceeded in small groups, surrounded and then touched women.” The police have arrested three alleged suspects that are Pakistani asylum seekers.”

    Am I missing something here? How can you have “Pakistani asylum seekers”. Are muslims being persecuted in Pakistan? Is Pakistan in the midst of a civil war?

    None of these apply to Pakistan as far as I can see so why are there Pakistani asylum seekers?


    • re: keithellerby;

      Excellent attention to detail, my brother. I noticed the very same anomaly.

      It’s occurring in every country where Muslim immigrants are flooding in…

      The only ‘war’ in Pakistan is the one where Muslims are persecuting and murdering innocent Christians and Hindus.

      But, only the Muslim persecutors are being allowed to come here and Europe and the persecuted are being left behind.

      Keith, this entire ‘Muslim Refugee Crisis’ is a work of FICTION. Literally. Unfortunately, this work of fiction has transformed into “our” reality.

      I could easily spend all day giving you all of the details, so let me try to give you the ‘Cliff Notes’ version.

      A very good friend of mine sent me an article years ago that I later published here on this site.

      First, read this article and note the date. (2 YEARS PRIOR to the War in Syria).

      Please pay very close attention to the second half of the article, where the author hypothesizes “how” the West could be ‘..flooded with Muslim immigrants..’


      The ‘War in Syria’ was designed by the Obama administration to achieve two goals.

      1. To assist Qatar in the construction of the Qatari Natural Gas Pipeline from Qatar to mainland Europe, which will net TRILLIONS in future revenue.

      2. To bring MILLIONS of Muslims into America..planting the seeds for America’s transformation into a future Islamic Republic and eventually be untder the Islamic Khilafah. (Caliphate.)

      He first created the problem..then, offered the solution.

      Meaning, he created the “War in Syria” in order to offer the “solution” of Islamic immigration to America.

      Ben Rhodes, Obama’s National Security Advisor is the “author” of the War in Syria, just as he was responsible for the Chemical Attack on the Syrians that Obama tried (and failed) to blame on Assad.

      Here is info. on that: https://shariaunveiled.wordpress.com/2013/06/16/man-behind-syrian-chemical-weapons-claim-is-fiction-writer-who-ran-benghazi-cover-up/

      Please read this article. This is the truth about the War in Syria.

      The Qatari Pipeline was approved by every President and Prime Minister between Qatar and Europe…except ONE.

      Bashar al-Assad.

      He refused to allow the pipeline to come through Syria.

      Hence, the “war” in Syria.

      This is Obama’s ‘War for Oil’


      Do you remember Obama drew that ‘..red line..’ if Assad ever used Chemical weapons, that Obama would launch an attack?

      Obama never attacked Assad because “we” caught Obama and Ben Rhodes red-handed. We had undeniable and irrefutable evidence that the Obama admin. contracted out the Chemical attack. A “colleague” of our’s even had the license plate No.#’s of the vehicles involved, photographs and a copy of the financial transaction to pay for the attack. This “colleague” presented this evidence “a contact” in the Obama Admin. and within 48 hours, the Obama admin. did an ‘about-face’ relative to this issue.

      The End.

      Hey.. keep in touch Keith.

      There is A LOT more to ‘this story’ and what’s to come…

      Ahavah and Shalom.

      jsm @ sharia unveiled


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