12 comments on “Melbourne, Australia: 5 Muslim Immigrants Viciously Attack a 14-Year-old Aussie Boy (Video)

  1. I’m sorry, but if I see anything like that I would kill all five on the spot. Chivalry demands it and I am equipped to carry out justice at all times (no weapons required). Perhaps I need to visit Melbourne?

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  2. The “infidels ” should make sure the muslimes responsible for this unprovoked aggression , regardless of their age, get to visit the emergency ward at the local hospital ,as patients.

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  3. This is what we’re voluntarily bringing into Australia. These violent African maggots are beating our children up and we’re supposed to just accept it? Not in my lifetime.
    All of these pricks need to be taught a lesson then deported. This attack happened at our local shopping centre and I’m not about to let my 13yo son become the next victim. This islamic invasion must be brought to its knees.


  4. “Anyone with information can contact Victoria Police…” And what they will do? let me guess… they will protect so-called multiculturalism and refer to helpless due to young age of offenders.


    • O.M.G. that would most certainly be taken as a racist remark, muslim gangs are allowed to run free especially in that labor state, start forming anti muslim gangs and retalliate, don’t move around together but be contactable that way no noticeable gang.


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  6. whether you say it quietly or say it loud it still sounds like this is a racist assault,and under Australian law this is a crime ,and the Police need to have the balls to act on it ,it’s time to go Andrew Scipione


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