6 comments on “17-Year-old Pakistani Muslim Girl Burned Alive by Her Mother, in the Name of ‘Honor’

  1. This is the manifestation of an evil spirit, a false religious spirit, like a virus that infests mind and heart and will, and the only hope is the Holy Spirit getting through the veil of the mind and heart.
    Father, you said you would pour out your Holy Spirit upon all flesh in the latter days. Father we ask you pour your Spirit upon all flesh now, in Jesus’ Name, the Name above all names, who is pure, gentle, compassionate, loving, caring, righteous, holy, and powerful. Amen.

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  2. Stupid writer its not sex before marriage. Its marriage against the wishes of parents that the vile people cant tolerate. Sex before marriage is altogether a different story and that’s forbidden by Islam and has no link with the stories you narrated here. Also let me be clear that marriages only by the consent or boy and girl are binding in Islam and the one refusing to accept is equal to an ignorant fool who have no knowledge about islam


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