4 comments on “China BANS Islamic Fasting During Ramadan in Xinjiang Ordering Restaurants to Remain Open

    • re: StarDust Dolittle;

      I love and admire China’s approach to the ‘plague of Islam.’

      Essentially, China contends;

      ‘..You are welcome to practice Islam here. Although, we are banning burqas, mosques, ramadan fasting, al-qur’ans, etc. but please, feel free to practice your religion otherwise..’


      Ya’ gotta’ love the Chinese.

      And I would bet the Chinese government just dares one of those Muzswine to file a complaint with “CAIR – Xinjiang.”

      Their reply would probably look something like…

      ‘..Ah, you have a problem with our State Policy?..’

      ‘..Well then, come with us. You can make big stones into small stones and small stones into pebbles in our new ‘Allah ak-Labor Camp’ on the hill..’

      We “ALL” need a little Chinese resolve in our Western societies today.

      I hope China NEVER succumbs to political correctness nor, bows to outside world pressure and submits to Islam.

      China could end up being ‘our’ last, great hope and escape from that which is to come.

      Sound crazy? Hmmm…

      Ahavah and Shalom.

      jsm @ sharia unveiled


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