8 comments on “Muslim Woman Severely Beaten by Her Husband for Giving Birth to a Baby ‘Girl’

    • re: StarDust Dolittle;

      Your question concerning the baby girl was mine as well.

      I cannot believe the writer/journalist [of this article] failed to mention the ‘condition’ of the baby girl.

      We will follow-up on this story and report what we learn concerning the baby girl.

      Ahavah and Shalom to you Dusty Fae.

      jsm @ sharia unveiled

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  1. [ Sighs ] That was a bit harsh.

    Unfortunately, a lot of women in Eastern countries are pressured into having baby boys instead of baby girls.

    So-called male superiority has a lot to do with it!


  2. Korandethals. They’re worse than animals. They’re cruel and unbelievable stupid about biology and science in general. They believe whatever they’re told. And yet we welcome these lunatics into our society and expect them to assimilate.


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