5 comments on “EXCLUSIVE Footage from Inside the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida (Video)

  1. Why are we not hearing about this? [cid:e6d65fd0-7304-4660-9cf4-fa814d0c8d65]



    • Anthony…..

      If you live in North America…..the news is plastered everywhere!

      You’ve heard about it now so if you live elsewhere perhaps you should let others know…….


  2. Maybe this will wake some Americans up! This is just the tip of the iceberg…..get ready for many more of these attacks in the coming months!

    The LGBT members have put their names on a list in which they can now be identified by those who wish to kill them. Obama isn’t going to save their backsides…..he just made them sitting ducks!

    It is no coincidence either that the attacker picked a gay club that doesn’t allow anyone to carry a fire arm inside the facility! His calling 911 was the way to inform all his Islamic brothers that he had carried out the mission as he knew that all the media would be able to broadcast that message for him!

    These aren’t un-intelligent goat herders we are dealing with……they know exactly how to do the job they were instructed to do….and armed through a mosque!


    • re: Blessed B.

      Hi N. Hope you and your family are doing well….

      I could have wrote those first 2 paragraphs of your’s… I was just thinking the same on Sunday.

      Hey, I’m sure you have heard of the ‘Kill List’ that was put out by “United Cyber Caliphate” (UCC) that contains 8,318 names of individuals (almost exclusively Americans.) It was released about a week ago via. ‘Telegraph Messenger’ and was picked-up by ‘vocativ.’

      There are MANY articles online “about” this list.. but, I cannot seem to find the “actual” list of the 8,318 names.

      Could you possibly get this list from your “sources?”

      You are welcome to reply to this request via email, if you prefer.

      It might be recommended.

      I am going to bed now.. so, take your time in replying.

      Goodnight, Ahavah and Shalom to you and your family.

      – jsm


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