5 comments on “Uttar Pradesh, India: Hindu Families are Being Forced Off Their Land by Muslim Thieves and Extortionists

  1. I can see people being bullied off of their lands here in the U.S. It will just be a matter of time before we, the American citizens are outnumbered and no longer have a voice to oppose this.


    • re: rjnvpn;

      I could not agree more.

      And this is precisely why we must fight them now.

      With every passing day, the Muslim gains the advantage.

      Here in America, in India and around the world.

      The Muslim is a piece of sh*t, not worthy of the toilet, nor deserving of the sewer.

      But ‘we’ must show them the way…

      I know this to be truth, in “the end” we win..

      But the road there will be hell on earth for us, unless we choose the road less traveled..


      Peace and love to you, my brother.

      jsm @ sharia unveiled


  2. Opposing Islamic aggression should not be a pretext for encouraging Hindu fanaticism. This ethnic cleansing by Mohammedans must be firmly condemned. Nonetheless, however much we sympathize with the victims of barbarous Islamic aggression, we must remember that currently India is governed by Hindu fanatics who are striving to oppress non-Hindus by whatever means possible. That includes Christians, Mohammedans, atheists and others.
    According to articles written by the American philosopher Martha Nussbaum, the current Hindu extremist government of Narendra Modi persecutes Mohammedans as such, not just the fanatics and the terrorists. Even secular Muslims who consider themselves first and foremost Indian citizens and who reject all forms of Islamist supremacy are being victimized by the bigoted Hindu government.
    Consequently your expressions of solidarity with all Hindus, namely:
    “We are Friends and Brothers of the Hindu People. Their fight is Our Fight! We are One!”
    are much too broad and can easily be understood as expressions of support for the Hindu-Fascist federal Indian government currently in power.
    Opposing Islamic fanaticism must never become an excuse for supporting other sorts of fanaticism.


    • re: bolivious;

      Thank you for taking the time to share this articulate, detailed information with us.

      You are the first person to mention certain ‘details’ in your contention.

      As soon as I am able, I will research some of the points you made.

      I hope you stay around..because we all need a ‘greater sense of objectivity’ at times.

      Additionally, thank you for taking issue in a polite, respectable way.


      Ahavah and Shalom to you always…

      jsm @ sharia unveiled


    • My first question is are you from india ?Or your entire knowledge is based on the work of this particular woman.You accuse of rising hindu fanaticism . What do you think this page is about ? This page is clearly anti islam . If you are a regular follower of this page and you are worried about hindu fanatics then sir you are a hypocrite.
      Now coming on point of current government . Why is pm of india Modi welcomed in USA, England ,Canada (which are liberal countries) if he and his government are some sort of religous extremist. Recently modi was givenhighest civilian honour by saudi arab . So what is that this lady sees and islamic countries fails to see . Do you know while taking oath modi invited pakistan prime minister as guest. Does hindu fanatic behave like that ? Modi was invited in world sufi8 forum 2016 by muslim religion heads certainly those indian muslims must be living under a rock .
      Why dont you tell me the exact anti muslim policy by this government ?
      Truth is people including minorities were fed up of political parties who stay in power by spreading fear of hindu extremism. It was working great until modi came to power using the slogan SABKA SAATH SABKA VIKAS (Everyone’s support evreyone development) .These so called communists,islamists were so rattled by this that they are using every sort of trick in the book to remove this government by spreading fear among common populace.
      Then i am not denying that hindu fanaticism doesnt exist but they exist primarily to combat jihadis .Ofcourse some of them simply goes of bound and harm innocents But you simply do not what is happening in certain parts of india.. Hindu women are kidnapped,gang rapped , force converted etc
      p.s. I am BJP(current government) supporter . I studied in convent school . I sang hymns at christmas when i was small in my school church . My christaian english teacher(George pazamadathil) is on my facebook list and he too is a modi supporter. I have visited buddhists monasteries , sikh gurudwaras .Most of my father friends are sikh . Most of us respect every religion
      here ofcourse except islam.


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