2 comments on “Germans Told to ‘..Cover-up..’ as City BANS Nude Swimming and Sunbathing Ahead of NEW Refugee Shelter Opening

  1. There’s nothing more gross than see people on the beach naked. It’s a shame they needed to bring in illegal bums to close those places up. I’ve been to beaches, regular ones not nudist, and there are mostly elderly German women who just love to let it all hang out and it’s grotesque. For God’s sake cover it up people and EU needs to ship these illegal muslim troublemakers back to where they came from.


  2. oh get over your puritanism America; Women have breasts and a vagina and an ass and men as a penis GROW THE HELL UP ! I like and respect the Europeans nudity and since it is their country and tradition WHO THE HELL IS ANYONE FROM THE OUTSIDE TO COME IN AND CHANGE IT ?


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