13 comments on “Why I Left Islam: An Ismaa’eel Abu Adam Presentation (Video)

  1. It is a day that is truly celebrated in Heaven and in the hearts of Christ loving Christians when a Muslim finally sees the Light of Christ!

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  4. The holy quran teach true morals .the holy quran is well guarded by Allah .when we read we cannot take things out of context we have to understand fully n read other ayats to support other verses.but some hadiths ( books belonging to the salafis/ wahabis movement which originate in najd tribe, have been fabricated by the so ” call muslim” to lead the muslim astray .if we go back to history the saud family , some have married jewish ( zionist) ? .some of the saud family belonging to a jewish tribe.they were put there by the british after the war with the ottoman empire .i just wan to warn the people, who ever is the enemies of islam , who ever lies , n talk bad of the holy prophet muhammed ( peace n blessing b upon him), they will b cut off from Allah mercy in this world n the next world .n their destiny wil be terrible n disgrace..The zionist wans to control the world , they already control the media , the press , the entertainment business,n now they wan to control the religion of islam by manupulating the true message.ask yourself why is it the israel goverment meetin n having secrets talk s with the saudis.


    • re: Rohani;

      Assalam alaikum.

      Thank you for your polite comment. I would like to speak with you about the subjects you have mentioned. Although, it is very late in the night here now and I must go to bed now. I will try to write you a response this weekend when time permits.

      Peace be with you.

      jsm @ sharia unveiled

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