2 comments on “Germany: Muslim Immigrants Violently Attack a Young German Schoolboy at Bus-Stop (Video)

  1. Emasculated German men. When given an opportunity to beat the shit out of a couple of Mohammadanistic cowards, you let an old lady show more courage than any mob of you possess.

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  2. This is what they do. Small attacks , right conditions, soft targets. Gets everyone scared to do anything, they win. The only way to fight back is to be willing to give up what they are willing to give up. Your chance of freedom and fight back. Possible jail time because they have the political correctness on their side now. Then you have to make sure you have back up since they probably do. If you can take out a couple of them, is that all that is there. They chose their target and conditions carefully. Probably had a couple more in the background ready to step in but that is the risk we have to take. Go in to make the take down and be ready to full fill it.

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