7 comments on “CIA Weapons Intended for One Terrorist Network ‘..Allegedly Stolen by Another..’

    • re: he42save2;

      Uh oh.. somebody is paying attention. Excellent comment.

      The ‘ratline’ is deep and headed in all directions. And it should come as no surprise that the CIA proudly uses the same ‘underground gun-running lingo’ as the Vatican coined for sneaking the Nazis out of Europe to South America…

      Then, we’ve got the (Ushered in) Pope washing the feet of Muslim terrorists, inviting them to live with him at the Vatican..and turning his back on the persecuted Christians..

      Some things never change, huh?

      Ahavah and Shalom.

      jsm @ sharia unveiled


    • Stardust….

      Nope…..Soros is just another Saudi Puppet! It is the Saudi’s who fund every terrorist Organization.

      They have the monies to do so from their dirty oil sales! Soros would not spend his monies to fund this.


  1. So…Obama and the Saudi’s are angry that Jordan is deciding for itself to give or not give the weapons sent to the Mercenaries?

    This story is true except for allegation that the weapons intended for the Mercenaries are falling into another terrorist organization. The truth is….Jordan has the right to confiscate any weapons entering or leaving the country.

    Jordan is aware of the lies that Obama and the Saudi’s spew! They know that the USA and Saudi’s are training mercenaries and that they are not necessarily with the Rebels but with ISIS and they do not want ISIS in their country. Jordan is fighting ISIS also.

    Jordan also is quite close to Assad in Syria. Assad is protecting the King of Jordan’s two nephews, who are still in Syria. They are the rightful heirs to Syria….they are the rightful Royal Princes to the country.

    Saudi’s are not Royalty as they would so like everyone to believe! Saudi Arabia was just like Palestine before Lawrence of Arabia turned up! Saudi Arabia was the place that all the Islamic countries dumped their criminals and unwanted! Lawrence formed a “Rebel” group himself…. http://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/true-story-lawrence-arabia-180951857/?all

    Anyways…glad that Jordan has thrown a wrench into Obama’s and the Saudi’s works!!


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