4 comments on “Mannheim, Germany: Politician/Refugee Activist Gang-Raped by 3 Muslim Refugees Lies to Authorities About “Ethnicity” of Her Attackers to Protect Them

  1. What a stupid woman. Protect the refugees at any cost to her own people. Maybe she should go and live in a muslim majority country then maybe she would understand what non muslims will have to put up with and are putting up with in those countries.


  2. This woman is confused and conflicted. Why report this at all if she didn’t want to draw attention to the negative aspect of the refugees?


    • re: rjnvpn;

      This case actually holds a very close connection to me personally…but, I cannot say anymore on that aspect.

      The girl went home and told her boyfriend that she had been “robbed” of her possessions by 3 attackers. But then, he looked into her eyes and she started crying…

      He knew there was more to the story…

      So he said.. ‘..Now tell me what really happened..’

      It was at this time that she told her boyfriend the entire truth.

      He was the one that convinced her that she must go back to the authorities and report the truth.

      And she did.

      Let’s just say.. “political correctness” is destroying everything that we hold near and dear to our hearts.

      Our Nations, our Children and our civilizations.

      Just as it was intended to do.

      Ahavah and Shalom.

      jsm @ sharia unveiled

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