6 comments on “ISIS Beheads 4 Famous Kurdish Players From the Syrian National Football Team

  1. Thank you Mr. Montague for your report update. Because on non-Islamophobic but honestly concerned people about the dangers of Islam, not just Islamism, it’s active political ideology, ordinary people, lied to by their media and politicians, are starting to understand the truth about Islam

    I welcome your further education, and therefore, have subscribed to your updates which I hope a further 16K+ will do.

    I agree with your sentiment included in your Editorial Footnote.

    Nonetheless, these seemingly innocent, four human beings, like many other alleged apostates according to the millions of both active and passive jihadists in the world, also died because they refused to believe the current interpretations of the heinous Koran and Sharia Law which has remained unchanged for 1,400 hundred years of documented and blood-thirsty Islamic history.

    No matter how many times Sunni and Shi’ite Sect apologists for Islam tell us that true Islam is peaceable, and active jihadists like al-Qaeda, Boko Harm, Islamic State (incorrectly called ISIS, Daesh or other cover-up name to hide the Caliphate nature of IS) no one can deny the clear statements in the Koran.

    As you do, but many don’t know, the Islamic “Doctrine of Abrogation” stipulates that verses given later to Muhammad must always cancel-out, supersede, and take precedence over earlier ones. Imams and Islamis scholars quote Qur’an 2:106 (http://quran.com/2/106), and other similar passages which dictate this Doctrine. This doctrine is supported and taught from the Koran, as presently interpreted, by every internationally-authoritative Islamic School of Law.

    Abrogated, without exception, are ALL the few peaceable verses in the Koran which predate the later hateful, supremacist, violent ones. Therefore, under the Doctrine of Abrogation, all Allah’s commands to persecute or kill every Infidel (non-Muslim) whom does not convert to Islam, plus automatically murder apostate Muslims, take precedence. Belief in the abrogation of peaceableness is Sharia Law for every true Muslim …not just active jihadists like al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, Islamic State (IS not ISIL) and all the rest notwithstanding the recurring lies of apologists for Islam, including our neighbours, western media and politicians.


    • re: Gary F.Patton;

      Greetings to you, Mr. Patton. What an awesome surname.. 🙂

      Thank you so much for your compliment. It is greatly appreciated, I assure you.

      Furthermore, thank you for taking the time to leave such a poignant message on our site for our readers. Your education on Islam is clearly evident.

      If there is ever anything I can do to assist you, please just ask.

      p.s. Have you ever read “Reliance of the Traveller” by, Ahmad ibn Naqib al-Misri ?

      Also, just in case you are not already familiar with Ibn Warraq, here is a link to some of his writings..

      In my opinion, he is the single, greatest authority on Islam that is alive today.


      Keep in touch.

      Ahavah and Shalom.

      jaedon @ sharia unveiled


      • Your welcome, Jaedon!

        Thank you for understanding that my possibly too lengthy comment was to complement your excellent work …not compete with it.

        My regret is that my auto-spell-checker mangled my compliment to you after I had proofed what I wrote.

        I will write you offline so that we may stay in touch.

        Ahavah and Shalom,
        Gary in Toronto


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