8 comments on “Israeli Human Rights Organization Files $1 Billion Lawsuit Against Facebook on Behalf of American Victims of Palestinian Terrorism

  1. What is this ‘occupied “West Bank”‘ nonsense? From 1517 through 1917, the area referred to by some as the ‘West Bank’ was under Ottoman rule as part of the provinces of Syria’.

    From 1948-1967 Transjordan seized and occupied much of Judea and Samaria, i.e. the area west of the Jordan River, and annexed it in 1950 naming it ‘West Bank’ or ‘Cisjordan’ – a translation of the Arabic term ad-Diffah I-Garbiyyah. (‘East Bank’ or ‘Transjordan’ designated the area east of the river).

    Incidentally, at the time, the Arab League themselves actually regarded the annexation as illegal and void. It was ONLY recognized by the United Kingdom, Iraq and Pakistan

    Jordan ruled over the ‘West Bank’ from 1948 until 1967 ie a mere 19 years, and all residents were granted automatic Jordanian citizenship.

    As Israel recaptured the area 49 years ago, why are you still referring to it by the false name given to it by the ‘Jordanians’ – incidentally, a nation state made up by the British – and not the correct name, Judea and Samaria?

    Why misname a key part of Eretz Yisrael, the Land of Israel, when it not only eradicates thousands of years of Jewish existence in Yehuda vShomron, but also is unnecessarily divisive.

    If you actually want to show support for Israel, this is not the way to do it. Please don’t continue to propagate a falsehood.


    • re: helenoster177;

      Shalom Helen.

      Yes darling.. I know all of this is 100% true…

      “I” noticed the same falsehood and I assure you, my intent was NOT to ‘..propagate the falsehood..’ even further.

      This article was from the BBC.

      Need I say more?

      Ahavah and Shalom.

      Am Y’israel Chai.

      jsm @ sharia unveiled


      • Understood. It would be helpful if you could, when quoting other sources, point out that this term perpetuates a falsehood that causes untold damage to Israel. Also, maybe blog about this insanity. My skin crawls when I read of people who actually live in eg Kiryat Arba, referring to where they live as ‘The West Bank’.


      • re: helenoster177;

        Hi Helen.

        That’s a wonderful suggestion..

        I try very hard NOT to publish articles that are from “leftist, liberal/progressive” sites and/or writers. – We both know where they stand on Israel.

        This was one of those ‘rare’ occasions where “the story” was too good to pass on..

        Please stay in touch..

        p.s. If you wrote all of the details of your initial comment without looking any of that up.. you are one brilliant woman.


        jsm @ sharia unveiled


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  3. I wonder how long before Amnesty International and the ACLU inject themselves into this lawsuit? Most likely on the side of Facebook.


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