4 comments on “Black Slaves For Sale

  1. Old Afghan saying ” Women are for children, Little BOYS are for pleasure”, bestiality is okay too as long as you kill the beast afterwards, according to Muslim tradition Mohamed’s favorite wife was a nine years d girl – so both homosexual and heterosexual Paedophilia is okay. It is okay to randomly assault women in public and call for the rape of all nonMuslim women and the murder of all nonMuslim males. Islam is a religion, a way of life, a system of beliefs, practices, customs and excuses relying on the Koran for justification to rape, kill, steal, abuse and misuse – in short a series
    Of excuses to be savages. It is devised by savages, supported by savages and forced on others by savages – it is the howling a of beasts


    • re: Michael E. Murphy;

      Infidel Greetings, my brother.

      Thank you for sharing this poignant commentary with us and our readers…

      It’s pure, unadulterated truth.

      Most of all, Thank you for your service to our Republic,

      Ahavah and Shalom to you and your’s..

      jsm @ sharia unveiled


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