4 comments on “Just Released Video Shows Nice, France Terrorist ‘Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel’ Captured Alive

  1. I don’t get the suggestion of ‘interesting anomalies’ with the ‘actual truck’ … Anyone help me out please ?


    • re: lain;

      It appears that the ‘driver side’ of the windshield (Left side of the vehicle) has a LARGE area (almost circular in nature)..where there are absolutely no bullet holes…

      Whereas, the ‘passenger side’ of the windshield (right side of the vehicle) has an abundant number of bullet holes. Where it is alleged, no one was sitting.

      I’m quite sure the police were ‘almost’ exclusively utilizing handguns, which could somewhat explain the lack of shots on target. Especially, when we consider firing at a moving target.

      Although, once the vehicle slowed down and eventually came to rest, I would think this area would have been covered in bullet holes..just for added assurance that the primary actor had been neutralized.

      To the best of my knowledge, there is no video of the police even opening the door of the truck, pulling out the primary actor (the driver) ..despite the fact that I have seen several videos from numerous angles of police around the truck, prior to any “alleged” entry..

      If “I” were there recording the event.. I certainly would have wanted the “first video” of the door being opened and the driver being pulled out. Based on EVERY video I have seen.. ‘everyone’ stopped recording PRIOR to this point.

      These closest video we have to ANY engagement whatsoever between police and “other non-police” in proximity to this vehicle is THIS VIDEO HERE.

      These are just ‘my thoughts’ and my personal analysis.

      I’m not necessarily trying to insinuate anything, but rather, just acquire answers to unanswered questions.


      jsm @ sharia unveiled


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